Jenn’s Review: Black Sheep by Zara Cox

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Jenn’s Review: Black Sheep by Zara CoxBlack Sheep by Zara Cox
Published by Forever on March 14th 2017
Genres: Romance
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In a family of cold-hearted black sheep,
I, Axel Rutherford, am the blackest.
My father has hated me since the day I was born. The feeling was mutual. In the shady underworld that was my legacy, Cleo McCarthy became my light. She was beautiful, passionate, and my whole world. So naturally my father had to destroy us. First he sent me away. Next he claimed Cleo as his own. But now I've returned, and nothing will stop me from taking back everything that is rightfully mine.

He was the love of my life - when my life was still my own.
We were young enough to believe we would last forever, Axel and I. But neither of us realized how cruel life - and our families - could be. Now I'm trapped in a gilded cage: desired by Axel, who must never know the full truth, and controlled by his father, who would sooner see me dead than free. And I wouldn't even care, except that it's no longer only my life at stake.

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Book Review: 5 stars


Sometimes the darkness is that dark all light fades away…

“You belong to me. I don’t care who created you. You are mine.
No one else is fucking allowed to touch you.
No one is allowed to take you away from me, do you hear me?”

Axel Rutherford is one deep complex character! I have been waiting for this book for a long, long time and was beyond myself the minute I heard it was available for pre-reading.

Once I started reading there was no other way out but to finish it in one go. The book is a standalone even if we got to meet Axel in Beautiful Liar (Book 1 in Dark Desire Series, also a standalone) and already then and there I knew I would love Axel. Writing was very well and satisfying, story plot was great and so much more than what I expected. A fast paced book that kept through events at me page after page.

“She knows who I am. She knows what I am.
I know how she is.
Her sins have loomed very large in my mind for a very long time.
But I never stopped to imagine how mine would look to her. “

I don’t think there is anything I didn’t like about this book or if I missed something. If there was I would have to think long and hard about and still might not come up with anything. My heart was breaking ALL THE TIME mostly for Axel and later on even for Cleo. Both of them were victims of their ruthless fathers who valued their shady business and let their greed blind them. My favorite parts were from their past when they were young and hopeful of a bright and happy future together. Those parts were so sweet and promising of something bigger and better.

“Why does he keep sending Cleo back to me? I bark into the phone
Because she’s your fucking Achilles heel brother.
Always has been. Always will be.”

I can’t really write anything more about it without giving away spoilers and I really wish for you future readers to experience this on your own terms and with an open mind about it all.

This story was worth all the wait and I am happy that I got the chance to read it and liked it so much. I would definitely recommend this but do have in mind that it is into the darker reads.


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