Ralou’s Review: 24 Roses by Elena M. Reyes

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Ralou’s Review: 24 Roses by Elena M. Reyes24 Roses by Elena M. Reyes
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24 roses.
24 days filled with declarations of love.
24 moments where life will mark her as mine.

I’ve loved Anahi Pratt since she moved in next door at the age of twelve. With her knobby knees and a mouthful of braces she made my heart thump harshly inside my pre-pubescent chest. One look into the greenest eyes I’d ever seen and I was hooked for life. Owned.

However, I was tongue-tied and confused. Did the only thing I could and offered my friendship.

After years, those feelings never changed. Instead they grew—morphed into something deep and profound. But never once did she see me as more than a friend. Never did she see the man that worshiped the ground she walked on. The man that desired to be what she wanted. Needed.

I stayed on the sidelines until that day:

A crash.

Her life on the line and my world came to a screeching halt.

Life is short and changes in the blink of an eye, a lesson I suddenly understood. There wasn’t a second to wait. No more hiding behind the guise of friendship.

She was mine and it was time I claimed her.

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Book Review: 4 Brownie Points stars!!

“This life and the hundreds that follow”

Do you see a puddle of drool on the floor just a few meters in front of you? Well, watch out! That’s me after getting acquainted with Bryson Holt. Elena, my friend, you created magic!

BLISS: a completion of one’s soul recognizing in another their other half

24 Roses is the new standalone of the amazing Elena M. Reyes. And as the title says, it’s about 24 roses (Duh!). But, these 24 roses hide behind them a love story that has “swooning” written all over it. Bryson and Anahi have been best friends since around 10 years old. And during the years it followed until they reached now, they were a constant in each other’s life. Although, both have a cage inside them that hides the romantic feelings they also had for each other and which never dared to let free and express. Until now. All they needed was the tragic accident Anahi was in which funtioned as the perfect trigger for everything to pour out and for them to finally find where they belonged.

“The man has been dating you since before he truly understood the term.” 

But this time, Bryson was the one that did all the work. He was the one who had to “wake” Anahi up so to face her feelings. And the ways he found to do that were just ….. Aye Yi Yi Yi!!! I’m talking here about the master of wooing, my dearest bookworms!! And for 24 days in a row, with every thing he did to win her, he accompanied it along with a full-bloomed red-blooded rose. How can you not swoon to-the-hell-and-back with that, huh?

Three words, simple yet powerful. They held the truth, my truth.

I really don’t know how to describe what this book made me feel. Everything is still a bit all bundled up together and I can’t seem to find the begginning. But I can say for damn sure is you haven’t met anyone like Bryson before. He’s an absolute drool! With every day he tried, the more I was melting and getting even more excited about how these two would end up. As for the Anahi, except the incredibly unique and unusual name, she was an absolute sweetheart. Although she has been through a lot and her accident only added some more for her to deal, she never stopped loving Bry and lean on him. And when she finally “surrendered” to his charm, the smile never left her face. And let’s not get me started on the Epilogue! Simply B E A U T I FU L!!!

“Kiss me like that every day, and I’ll give you the world.” 

Elena M. Reyes created an amazing romance that will stay with me and will always put a smile on my face when I need it. Each line in that book was even better than the previous. And each was more sweet and heart-warming than the other. You really have to read that book. Seriously! The recommendation goes without saying.



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