Claudia’s Review: Black Tie Optional by Ann Marie Walker

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Claudia’s Review: Black Tie Optional by Ann Marie WalkerBlack Tie Optional by Ann Marie Walker
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Published by Swerve on May 30th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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Everything about Coleman Grant III oozes power and sex. And not the perfunctory kind either, but the sheet clawing, heart stopping, gasping for air after you’ve screamed so loud you can’t breathe kind. From his dark wavy hair that stands in an artfully rumpled mess, to the blue eyes that sear your skin, to his full, sensual lips - on the surface he’s pure perfection.

Too bad he's an asshole. An arrogant, uptight corporate raider hell bent on destroying the environment one species at a time.

Everything about Olivia Ramsey screams hippie humanitarian. From her blond hair tied in a sloppy bun, to her faded jeans with the Bonnaroo patch sewn on the thigh, to her combat boots still splattered with mud from the previous day’s site visit.

So it makes perfect sense that they would get married. In Vegas. Stone-cold sober.

Cole needs a wife. Olivia needs to save an endangered species. But what starts as a marriage of convenience soon turns into a battle of wills and sexual tension. Love is a game, and Olivia and Cole are ready to win.

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Book Review: 4 Stars


This was a sweet and lovely quick read. This is the first book I read from this author, but not the last for sure. This is a “HATE / LOVE Romance” kinda story. Enemies to lovers, both came from different worlds and when their worlds collide, we have a result of an explosive couple that will put your kindle on fire!

Olivia Ramsey has been harassing CEO Coleman Grant III for months because an environmental cause: to save the endangered northern long-eared bat. They are opposites, Cole Grant is a billionaire, used to flights in first class, security guards and a driver. A life of luxury. A man that wants to conquer the world. Olivia is a humanitarian, a farm girl who lives in a tiny apartment and she just wants to save the world. It took just one night in Las Vegas to make these two come together for the same “cause”… marriage. Cole needed a wife and Olivia needed to save her cause, they made a deal, they just have to be married for three months, not too much to lose, time will fly. But what happens when they can’t resist what they’re feeling for each other? What happens when Cole has to prove to his grandmother that the marriage is real and not fake? How that affect their arrangement?

As we know opposites attract and Olivia and Grant definitely attract. Their chemistry is undeniable, how much they hated each other is equal to how much they lust for each other. They can’t be apart. Will they surrender to their desires?

This was a fast, easy and enjoyable read! I do wish we could’ve got POV of Cole & Olivia, the story is told in third person. Maybe more about their love, the issue with Cole’s grandmother. At the middle of the book, I think the story went fast, things happened fast and I ended wanted more of them, but I’m happy with how things ended for them. Can’t wait for book 2 of this series ICING ON THE CAKE (Cassie’s story).




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