Claudia’s Review: Tease by Ella Frank

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Claudia’s Review: Tease by Ella FrankTease by Ella Frank
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Four years ago I met a man
who forever changed my life.

He dared me to try.

I dared him to love.

And while that’s where our story began, it’s certainly not where it ended.

-Tate Morrison

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Book Review: 4.5 Stars


Temptation series, Logan & Tate’s story was my first M/M novel, which I read several years ago, and now I’m  absolutely thrilled to get the chance to go back to these characters and see what they’ve been up to. Ella Frank gave us their HEA in TRUST (Temptation # 3) but now she brings us, TEASE ( Temptation # 4), which is a “where are they now?” type of novel. What happens AFTER their HEA?

TEASE (Temptation # 4) begins 4 years after they first met. Four years that they have been together, but life is not that easy, moreover for two successful men. Tate is now co- owner of “The Popped Cherry Bar” and Logan is dealing with a big case at “Mitchell & Madison”. They both are busy, they both have work issues to deal with and their time together and alone and becoming less frequent. In other words, life is happening. And because of that, doubts begin to set in.

Logan is worried that he won’t have a forever with Tate. He loves him, but things have been hard lately, their schedules don’t coincide anymore and a routine is hitting them. Life sucks sometimes!

Tate misses Logan, they have been immersed in their jobs that hasn’t left them much time for each other. This is not a problem of lack of love, they love each other very much, this is about finding a way to work things out, and they’re willing to do it. Logan and Tate need to reconnect with each other. Logan needs to stop worrying about Tate regretting chosen him. And Tate will show him that there is no where else he wants to be.

It’s always a pleasure to read Ella’s books. She has this way of making us readers connect with the characters in a way that let us live the story through their eyes. And even more pleasure when you read more about the characters that you love, such as Logan & Tate. They have this lovely relationship and had learned through the years how to keep the flame still burning, even when life gets in the way.

This is a story I truly cherish because they were my first *wink*. I’m so happy that Ella decided to revisit these characters and to build on their already beautiful story. She created a more solid relationship between these two and proved that love can withstand the test of time and life.

TEASE was an amazing addition to this series and I would recommend if for fans of the series.



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