Claudia’s Review: Hard Stick by L.P. Dover

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Claudia’s Review: Hard Stick by L.P. DoverHard Stick From the series: Breakaway #1
by L.P. Dover
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Published by Loveswept on June 13th 2017
Genres: Romance, Sports
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Source: Penguin Random House

He carries a big stick. And he’s not afraid to use it.

On the ice, I’m Kellan Carter, powerhouse enforcer for the Charlotte Strikers. Off the ice, I’m just a regular guy. The last thing I want is to get mobbed by a bunch of groupies who are only after me for my fame and money. My ideal woman knows how to enjoy a little good, clean fun—and maybe some not-so-clean fun too. That’s the kind of girl I’d never let go.

When Kristen Robinson, the gorgeous, down-to-earth bartender I’ve been crushing on, agrees to let me take her out, I’m thrilled. We have an amazing night together, culminating in the most electrifying kiss of my life—and that’s it. Kristen tells me we can’t see each other again, but I know that kiss meant as much to her as it did to me. What I don’t know is that Kristen has a dangerous secret. . . .

I’ve proved to Kristen that she can trust me with her body and her heart. But when her past comes back to haunt her, I need to prove that she can trust me with her life. And I might have to get my hands dirty after all.

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Book Review: 4 Stars


Wow! What a ride! This is my first book from this author and let me tell you, it wasn’t what I expected and that’s a good thing! Once again the saying is true, “Do not judge a book by its cover”. I asked for this book because I tend to love “sports romance” novels, but this book is not about JUST hockey, (in fact there is minimal to do with hockey at all), it is a true romance with a beautiful love story. it’s so much more. I was amazed by how hooked I was right from the first page and I found that I couldn’t put it down.

Kristen Robinson was forced to leave her life back in Boston because of her psycho obsessive ex-boyfriend. After a fatal incident, she had to change her identity in order to save her life. Now a year with her new life, she has found herself missing her past life, especially her job as an interior designer, a job she loved and was very good at it. Now, as a bartender, she’s trying to build a new life, but she hesitates on trusting (thanks to her past) and on building new relationships and finding new friends. She is afraid of losing everyone she cares about…again…, until Kellan Carter, the captain of the Charlotte Striker hockey team comes into her life.

Kellan Carter loves hockey. He’s the Captain of his team, the Charlotte Striker’s. Up until this point, he has achieved everything he wanted from life, but he wasn’t good at relationships, of course he’s had his “quota” of women (come on he has a HARD STICK *wink*) but he was never interested in settling down, until he meets the sexy bartender that refused his advances. He’s very interesting in her and he won’t stop until the beautiful Kristen accepts to have one date with him.

Kristen is not interested in having a relationship. She is more worried and focused on keeping in the shadows, as to not draw attention to herself because that could result in her ex finding her. So she barely notices the men that flirt with her, but she really wants to give it a try and date Kellan. He seems to be a good guy and there is no harm in just one date.

There is no way that Kellan will have just one date with her. He knows she’s hiding something, but he needs to earn her trust to figure out why she’s holding back. He needs to figure out what happened in her past that is preventing her from moving forward, with him.

I really loved these two characters! I felt very sorry for how things worked out for Kristen. She really deserved a happy ending and Kellan was the perfect guy for her! He’s very protective with her, caring and willing to risk his own life for her. They had a lot of chemistry and I loved the way things ended for them. Loved the storyline, the plot was very developed with some suspense, drama and of course romance, the exact amount to make this book good and interesting.





Claudia Alfaro

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