Sav’s Interview: Coffee Break with J.B Heller

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Sav’s Interview: Coffee Break with J.B HellerMoments of Clarity From the series: Moments #2
by J.B Heller
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That was me.

In every way that mattered anyway. I had a close, loving relationship with my parents, my older brother was my hero, and with graduation right around the corner, I was on the verge of turning my love of photography into a career.

Then there was Carter, surprisingly he turned out to be the yin to my yang. Where I was alternative, slightly nerdy and a whole lot awkward, Carter was smooth, popular and confidant. Yet somehow, we fit. Or so I thought.

With the events of one night, the clarity with which I once saw my life vanished. Leaving me completely unprepared for the reality I would now have to face and the choices that accompanied it.

Ladies with you, the fabulous J.B Heller…

That’s the way, she introduces herself at her website and I think it’s freaking awesome 😉

I discovered this author a few weeks ago as I was working on the schedule for this event with Tasty Book Tours and I felt in love with the book cover. Later, I looked up for the series on Goodreads and really liked what I read, so devoured Moments of Beauty (Book 1) in hours and asked an interview and review for this event.

I must confess I am a little nervous because it is been awhile since I’ve made an author’s interview, so I hope all of you enjoy this Coffee Break with me

Sav: Hola JB. Greetings from Venezuela and welcome to Collectors of Book Boyfriends.

Researching about you on the web, I learnt you used the song Closer by The Chainsmoker as inspiration for Moments of Beauty, but this song also inspired several different stories. How did you decide which was the best story to write?

J.B: I don’t know really, I just wrote what came to me at the time. I always had a rough idea of how it would play out, but things change along the way in the writing process. I just went with what felt right for Hux and El.

Talking about this, when I read Moments of Beauty I didn’t know anything about it. But, when I watched the video was great seeing factors as the photographies, or that Blink-182 is Hux’s favorite band or El’s car is a Rover, and a couple of more I won’t tell because I don’t want to drop a spoiler. 

Sav: Can we know any of the other stories you thought about with this same song but never was written?

J.B: I think it was more so that the song brings many potential roads to my mind that the story could take but they all follow the same lines that Moments of Beauty ran along.

Sav: Could you share your dearest moments of beauty of your life?

J.B There are so many. I’ve come to see things differently as I’ve grown as a person, a writer and a parent. But most of the Moments of Beauty in my life include my children. Sweet little things that aren’t really a big deal, but they’re beautiful. Like walking into a room and seeing my boys (4 and 5 years old) cuddling on the couch together while watching a movie. Or the look on my daughter’s face when she perfects a new move in gymnastics class. Small, simple but beautiful.

Sav: What can we expect of Moments of Clarity and Chance’s story?

J.B: I’m going to say growth. You will see Chance grow into the woman she is meant to be and open herself up to things she never considered before. You’ll also see Carter learn how to cope with his personal issues and you will see just how big his heart is.

Sav: I was checking your other books, and boy you like writing angsty, sexy stories. How do you find the balance between those different elements?

J.B: That’s a tricky one. Umm, I’m not sure. But I think it’s important not to overdo the angst. Most of the situations or problems my characters find themselves dealing with are things that can potentially happen to anyone, with the right set of circumstances.

And the sexy? Well that part is easy. I can honestly write sex until the sun goes down. But that’s not my genre, that’s pure smut. And while there isn’t anything wrong with smut, I like there to be an actual story behind the sex.

Sav: Before you go, it’s kind of obvious if you pay a visit to this blog you’re going to tell us about the book boyfriends you’ve collected

J.B: Okay, well Travis Maddox has to be on the list because Beautiful Disaster was my very first ever all nighter read. And I mean come on, Travis Maddox, yes please with sugar on top! Right!?!

My latest is Thomas Brooks from Anarchy Chained by JA Huss. Good Lord. Trust me on this, if you haven’t read the SuperVillan Series you are missing out.

Logan Kade is most definitely on my list. No questions asked. Tijan is a genius.

Maddoc Cruthers… Hell yes. Or actually, any male written by Penelope Douglas.

Gavin Blake, that man just melts me. I know it’s been years since I read Collide and Pulse but just thinking about those books brings it all back.

Ryke Meddows, holy swoon. Krista and Becca Ritchie know how to write an amazing story that feels so real, it’s like you know the characters personally.

Thank you so much for this time. Hope you had a good time and our best wishes with Moments of Clarity’s release

Well, I hope you have get to know a little about this amazing author and stay tuned for my review tomorrow. Don’t forget follow the Tasty Blog Tour for Moments of Clarity


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