We all met through social media discussing all things book boyfriends related and became instant friends. Because of our love for book boyfriends, we decided to collect them together and share them with you. So while you’re browsing through our blog, we say, “Enjoy.”

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Blia (US)

Greetings from Christian Grey’s home state of Washington! My name is Blia and I’m a lover of all things books and make up related. Am a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart so you’ll most likely see me reading romance books. They say that if you enjoy reading you will always have a place to go and live whatever fictional life you so desire.


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Vivian (US)

Hi my name is Vivian! Hmm…I’m supposed to tell u a little about myself. Well, first and foremost, I am a farmer’s wife and mother of 2 beautiful girls (3rd on the way :-)- gender unknown). I like to call myself a “born again reader”. I say that bc when I was little I loved to read, but as I grew up and it became obligatory for school, I no longer enjoyed reading. Around the time of Twilight coming out in paperback was when I found my love for reading again. That series created a domino effect in a way and I have read non-stop since then! Hence “born again reader” 😉 I love romance and erotica/dark/BDSM, but I also enjoy reading young adult, mystery, suspense, adult fiction, new adult/woman’s fiction, and humor.

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Claudia (Peru)

Hello My name is Claudia and I love books, they became a very important part in my life, there is no day that I don’t read, for me reading is like breathing. I love to read most of all romance, give me a HEA and I’ll love you forever. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading, young adult, paranormal, suspense and dark romance as well. My preferences about fictional characters…. Mmmm love alphas, CEOs, badass, the bad guy with golden heart, and the most important great lovers!!!!!

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Ralou (Greece)

My name is Ralou and since I remember myself, I was always surrounded with books and puzzles. Until I was 18, I was that kind of reader that I was reading 5 books per year if not less. But all that changed when I read Fifty Shades. It made the book beast inside of me to be unleashed and in full force. After that, I started reading like a junkie and like I need my next breath.  Now, my bottom line is 50 books per year. I read almost every genre but I have a soft spot for dark romances, erotica and love stories with fighters, musicians and lawyers. My happy place is a room that’s overflowing with amazing paperbacks.

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Lucas (Colombia)

I’m Weird nerd, full time dork, feminist to the core and lady admirer as fuck. I love halloween, defying social constructs on gender and sexual expressions, also rain and cold days to snuggle.

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Jennifer (Sweden)

I’m Jennifer a wife, a mother, a friend and a total sucker for reading books. I love to take long walks with a good audiobook buzzing through my headphones. Watch a good movie or just sit down with a good book in my hands. Some of my favorite genre are: Romance, adult, drama, thriller, mystery and comedy.

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Sasha (PR)

My name is Sasha and i’m nothing without a book; my life consist of loving fictional characters and letting them ruin my life on daily basis. AND………. I love to read romance, erotica with an Alpha Male! YUM! i am a romance junkie.

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Carolin (Germany)

I’m Caro, a bookaholic for 2 years now – and I regret nothing. The most valuable things in my life are my husband and kids, my family and friends and my books. Some people describe me as standoffish and complicated, but really I’m just living my life after the motto “live and let live”. Whenever I’m not reading, I’m either cleaning, running or gardening – all of those with music blasting in my ears. My favorite genres are romance and erotica; although I have an admitted weakness for everything forbidden and extraordinary (except historical, paranormal and YA only if it’s well done). Books and talking to other booklovers about them have literally saved my life.

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Lisa (US)

Hello! I’m Lisa –writer by day, reader by night—and I F*ing love books! When I was 12, I wanted to be a writer. Who would have known back then that my love of reading would equal my passion for writing. Although my review style is slightly irreverent, my enthusiasm and appreciation for authors –and their amazing works—can’t be denied. My favorite genres are fiction, romance and supernatural. If all three coincide together…it’s the perfect trifecta of freaking awesomeness!!

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Angy (Colombia)

My name is Angy and I’m a fangirl and a bookaholic! I’ve always loved reading, but I used to read 2 books per year tops, and then…. Fifty Shades unleashed the beast! Right now, I read as if I were marathoning! My favorite books have the worst kind of bastards who change out of love. I like romance, erotica over all, but from time to time I like reading sweet young adult books with lots of teenage drama. Give me an audiobook and I’m the happiest woman on earth.  

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