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bbf of abril 2016


bbf month ladies man


Book/Author: Ladies Man by Katy Evans
Name: Tahoe Roth
Eyes: Blue of the coldest glacier
Hair: Blond
Body type: Tall, lean, and deliciously muscled.
Personality: Fun loving and perfectly naughty
Profession: Oil mogul business man by day—insatiable ladies man by day/night!
Company: Owner of Roth Industries
Relationship status: Decidedly single till Gina.
Sexpertise: EVERYTHING, although threesomes seen to be his thing! 🙂

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Book/Author: Ladies Man by Katy Evans
Name: Tahoe Roth
Eyes color: Nordic-blue eyes
Hair color: Blond messy hair
Body type: Rugged. Athletic. Pure man. “Tahoe Roth is…Hot to the extreme. Six feet four, at least two hundred pounds of man.” -Gina “He cut and golden– cut and golden everywhere; his sis-pack, his flat pecs, his muscular arms, even the sides of his calves peeking from under the towel.” “Don’t they say everything’s bigger in Texas? Well, he was born there. Enough said.” -Gina.
Personality: Loyal friend. Easy going. Funny. Flirtatious. Possessive. Cocky. Generous. Passionate about who and what he loves. “He is the embodiment of sex. He also has a gentleman ingrained in his bones die to his southern upbringing. You can tell a lot about a person by how well they treat others, and he is playful but honest, and always himself.” -Gina.
Profession: Multimillionaire and a Lacrosse player
Company: “He struck oil and invested well”
Relationship status: Taken
Sexpertise: He likes to “strip you bare”…remove any mask you may be wearing. Nibbles…”One thing I’m quickly learning about Tahoe Roth is that he is a little bit of a biter. He bites everything before tasting it. Bite…tug…release…lick…full-on kiss. All on the same spot. In so many spots. It’s madness-inducing.” -Gina

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bbf month Maldeamores


Book/Author: Maldeamores by Mara White
Name: Luciano/Lucky
Eyes color: Gold
Hair color: Dark brown
Body type: Muscular and tall
Personality: Very passionate, loyal and so adorable
Profession: Soldier
Company: US Army
Relationship status: In love with Belén
Sexpertise: A bit kinky and definitely passionate. Very experienced…

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bbf month one with you


Book/Author: One with you by Sylvia Day
Name: Gideon Cross
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Body type: Leanly muscular body
Personality: Dark and dangerous “An alpha in his prime, vigorous, potent. Eminently dangerous and untamable.”
Profession: CEO
Company: Cross Industries
Relationship status: Married to Eva Trammel
Sexpertise: It can be sweet, tender, sometimes wickedly raw and rough, definitely HOT.

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bbf month Remembering Everly


Book/Author: Forgetting August/Rememering Everly by J.L Berg
Name: August Kincaid
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color:  Short Brown hair
Body type: Normally built with hard and refind body
Personality: Protective and loving
Profession: “Stock broker”
Company: Working with his friend at their own broker firm
Relationship status: Everly has his heart in the past, present and future
Sexpertise: Sweet love making

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bbf month sidebarred


Book/Author: Sidebarred by Emma Chase
Name: Jake Becker
Eyes: Grey eyes like a storm cloud.
Hair: Black
Body type: 6’5”, 225 pounds of solid muscle and a sexy tattooed torso and arm.
Personality: Smart, stubborn, organized, and stearn. Former bad boy now a loving parent and intense husband.
Profession: Lawyer, criminal defense attorney.
Company: Partner at Becker, Mason, Santos & Shaw.
Relationship status: Taken for ever and ever.
Sexpertise: Spontaneous. He masters the planning and stealth to bring great pleasure to his beautiful wife.

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bbf month this is war


Book/Author: This Is War, Baby by K. Webster
Name: War McPherson
Eyes color: Navy
Hair color: Chocolate
Body type: Reaaaaaally well-built
Personality: Gentle soul, caring, thoughtful, funny, fighter, loves hard
Profession: Tech genius
Company: MPE (McPherson Enterprises)
Relationship status: Taken by his Peace, Bay
Sexpertise: His mouth

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