LENNIX HUNTER – Meet Your Next Heroine #WhoRunTheWorld + Giveaway

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LENNIX HUNTER – Meet Your Next Heroine #WhoRunTheWorld + Giveaway

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(All The King’s Men Duet – Kennedy Ryan)

Do you are in need of a Badass, Strong, Fierce, Independent, Beautiful, Outwordly and simply every other-great-adjective-in-the-book heroine to add to your life? Well, then you hit the jackpot just like I did when I got to meet the one-and-hell-ONLY Lennix Hunter in Kennedy Ryan’s All The King’s Men Duet. 

It is not a secret that Kennedy has 10 PhDs on creating soul-catching stories, one-in-10-lifetimes love stories, and raw characters who scar you forever. One of the things that she knows to do best than all of these, is creating heroines who #RunTheWorld. And Lennix is, without doubt, the ultimate queen!!!

Since i first met Lennix in The King Maker with that incredible and intense scene in the desert which is also the start of her epic love story with Maxim, I never could, for the life of me, figure out how and what words should you use to describe a character who, honestly, is greater than life itself. With Lennix, almost immediately after you meet her, you completely erase the fact that, in reality, she is a fictional character, and start acting like she is one of us. That she has an existence weight just like every living thing on this Planet.


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14 responses to “LENNIX HUNTER – Meet Your Next Heroine #WhoRunTheWorld + Giveaway

    • Ralou Tatari

      Thank you Mirele!!! And you need to read them ASAP, because Lennix & Maxim is the ultimate power couple!

    • Ralou Tatari

      IKR? By far one of the best stories, loves, duets, and simply everything that I have ever read!!! Kennedy really killed it with this couple!

    • Ralou Tatari

      Oh YES. YOU. DO!!! And after reading it, you will never want to go back, I promise you! Let me know if you are still alive after you binge read them (there is no other way really to read them) :p
      Also, you will want to read Kimba’s story – Lennix’s BFF- in QUEEN MOVE!! These two are really #RunTheWorld 😉

  1. Jaime

    Lennix Hunter is one boss bitch! I loved her story and how strong she is! She took the world by storm.

    • Ralou Tatari

      OH YEAH! She’s definitely that!! She nailed the world-ruling on its head along also with Kimba! Her inner strength, determination, and just badass-ness was a show-stopper….

      • Jaime

        Don’t even get me started on Kimba! Her and Lennix are so dynamic! One of the reasons I love Kennedy’s writing is that she always has a strong female lead. The world needs women like Lennix and Kimba!

        • Ralou Tatari

          hahaha yes, Kimba and Lennix are THE Boss Bitches to quote you!!! From their priceless scenes and dialogues in the duet to her own story, these two are rocking everything up!!!

    • Ralou Tatari

      Thank you so much Zaira!! <3 And I couldn't agree more with you about Kennedy's books!!!

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