Ralou’s Review: Beg, Borrow or Steal by Susie Tate

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Ralou’s Review: Beg, Borrow or Steal by Susie TateBook: Beg, Borrow or Steal by Susie Tate
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Publisher: Self published on September 28th 2017
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Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Forbidden, Medical, Romance, Student/Teacher
Format: eARC - Source: Netgalley
Rating: five-stars

Jamie is proud of everything he’s achieved. A consultant anaesthetist and the Medical Education Director – he’s a pretty big deal. So when one of his medical students falls asleep, right in the middle of a tutorial, he is furious. He’s a bloody good teacher, damn it!

Maybe he could have been a little more understanding. Maybe he didn’t have to try and humiliate her. But the shock of how beautiful this particular student was when she finally opened her eyes, and his inappropriate reaction, only fuelled his anger. He’s tired of lame excuses from wild party animals burning the candle at both ends, and he’s going to make an example of this one.

For Libby, pride is a luxury and beauty is currency. Pregnant at seventeen and an aspiring doctor, she couldn’t afford to be proud, so she cashed in on her looks instead. She will beg, borrow or steal to achieve her dreams and give her daughter the life she deserves, even if she has to forgo sleep – even if she has to leave her dignity behind.

Only now that she’s not just sitting in lecture theatres like her first two years of medical school, now that she’s working in a real hospital, Libby is realizing that the thread she’s been hanging onto for so long may be about to snap. The last thing she needs is to have riled the gorgeous, judgmental Head of Medical Education. But there’s only so far you can push yourself, only so much pressure you can be under until you break. Libby’s been on that cliff edge for a while; her health may just tip her over.

A kick in the shin from a four-year-old girl and a confrontation with her tearful, exhausted mother soon forces Jamie to see what a bastard he’s been. Libby may not accept his help, but he’s relentless when he wants something, and it’s not long before he realizes that this mother and daughter belong with him. So when a stag night he’s on ends up in the best strip club in England and he sees who the main attraction is, his reaction is explosive.

Despite everything, Libby finds she still has some pride left. This man has made her feel small twice now. He won’t be getting a third shot. No matter how gorgeous he is, no matter how persistent …

This book is a full-length contemporary romance of approximately 90,000 words with no cliffhanger and its own HEA.

FTC Disclosure: We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

book review: 6 stars!!

If someone would have told me that this would become my next top favorite story, I wouldn’t probably take his word for granted. You see, when the author is a “first time” for me, I always hold myself back. But this time is different; this time, I would have hugged and kissed all over that someone since he couldn’t have been more right. Beg, Borrow or Steal (my a.k.a BBoS) earned every inch of those 6 stars up in the rate an then some more.

And, really, under what rock I was sleeping that I hadn’t indulged into, not only this amazing general-practitioner-turned-author, but also the AMAZEBALLS that is the Medical Romance genre. Honestly, it went straight to my tops. And who would have written it better than a doctor herself who have lived and is living most of her life inside a hospital, huh? I can’t put into words how awesome was the feeling to read the literal adaption of the “Grey’s Anatomy” love story style. I was simply surrendered to that amazeness.

Jamie & Libby. A doctor/teacher & his student. But in reality, two perfect halves who were completing an even more perfect whole. The connection they had was more than obvious from the start and powerful AF! Although, what really gave this couple the ticket to my Top list was the simple fact that, they may be a perfection when they were together, but they turned their love into a masterpiece when you put them separately and look at them as individuals. And if you add Rosie, Libby’s 4-year-old daughter, then the ticket turns into a golden one.

Rosie was a given gem. Seriously, that little girl was the real spark an devil an angel of this love story. Her golden heart and full of life and joy and attitude and …. dirt self made her the most adorable little girl I have encountered in a book. She was simply a phenomenon and a force to be reckoned with.

Rosie knew exactly how to work the adults around her: she added just the right about of trembling sadness to her voice and allowed her lip to give the barest hint of a wobble.

The same, though, goes for her mother as well. Multiplied by 10. Honestly, that woman was the definition of stubbornness, a fighter, hard work, a great mother, strength, talent and so many other words that I can’t put into words. She was a true inspiration for every female, small or adult, out there. She is the kind of woman whose name exists next to the definition of International Women’s Day. And it may sound absurd since she is only a character in a book, but trust me when I say, Libby’s character couldn’t be more real. There are countless females around the world who have been through some of the things she is going through and struggle every day to provide a better life to their precious kids, no matter their own cost. I give her a bow of respect and a standing ovation every time she comes to mind.

No more beg, borrow or steal. No more guilt and shame. She was worthy of this amazing man. She always had been.

As for Jamie, I have officially lost count of the times he have made me swoon since I started reading BBoS. And he couldn’t be more perfect for Libby (and Rosie) since his level of stubbornness can easily rival and go head-to-head with that of Libby’s. Some times he might be a bit judgmental and unfair but he would always find a way to make it up to Lib with a mind-blowing way. His love for her and what he was willing to do and sacrifice so he can be with her, was just the bottom of Everest. His patience, also, was one for a prize, really. As for his relationship, interaction, instant connection and love he shared with the little Squirt (a.k.a Rosie) could be describe as only “ovaries exploding“. And just imagining him doing it with his English accent, is more than a female can take, believe me ladies.

He’d never been this besotted with a woman before in his life.




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