Ralou’s Review: SLOTH by Giana Darling

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Ralou’s Review: SLOTH by Giana DarlingBook: Sloth (Series: The Elite Seven #6) by Giana Darling
Publisher: Self published on May 13th 2019
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Genres: Abuse, Contemporary, Dark, Dark Romance, Erotica, Forbidden, New Adult, Romance, Thriller
Format: eARC - Source: The Author
Rating: four-half-stars

I don’t give a fuck.
Not about money or fame, beauty or power. I’ve had all those things since birth, and trust me, they’re a fucking snooze.
I don’t give a fuck about anyone, not even myself.
Until my father proves evil can exist in the most holy of places.
For the first time ever, something like interest stirs in my soul.
He wants me to enroll at St. Augustine.
Join The Elite.
Court the virginal daughter of Archbishop Savoie.
Prove that I’m worth the family name?
I’ll do it all.
And I’ll do it so well, no one will know what’s coming.
People are so quick to underestimate the wicked and lazy.
They forget idle hands are the best tools for the devil’s work.
I am Rush Dempsey.
I am Sloth.

Book six in The Elite Seven Series.

The Elite Seven Series
Lust (The Elite Seven, #1) by Ker Dukey
Pride (The Elite Seven, #2) by J.D. Hollyfield
Wrath (The Elite Seven, #3) by Claire C. Riley
Envy (The Elite Seven, #4) by M.N. Forgy
Gluttony (The Elite Seven, #5) by K Webster
Sloth (The Elite Seven, #6) by Giana Darling
Greed (The Elite Seven, #7) by Ker Dukey and K Webster

FTC Disclosure: We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

Book Rate: 4.5 church mouse stars!!!

Jesus Christ! I feel like I’ve been shot. This is nuts.

I can’t feel my legs, my hands, my freaking brain cells. Rush & Isabelle’s story simply left me numb and super dumbfounded. I still can’t realize what I finished reading last night. Poof. Mind. Blown !!

Giana is a first timer for me and one of those authors that I wanted like hell to meet. The praises I have heard about her work is plain award-worthy. And, now, I can understand the why completely.

Rush, aka “Sloth“, probably can win easily the award for the most mysterious and intriguing characters out of the Seven. From the very first moment I met him in Pride until before I got my hands on his own story, he kept creating enough tension, intensity, and secret gaps to make you greedy to know him detailedly better and being unable to get him off your mind until you do. And when that happens, you are left speechless and fall hard for him in a blink of an eye. And speaking of falling, Isabelle might won fairly the world record of falling hard for Rush. Since their very first eye contact, you could feel the energy flowing between them in tons. And when they finally became one, that energy got deep roots and foundations, but also it got skyrocketed. Madness. Shivers. L O V E!

I don’t know how, but these seven authors created the most unbelievable, insane, addicting series in all the book land. These authors writing The Elite Seven, in reality, they became themselves The Elite Seven. A series beyond anything you could ever imagine and when it comes to me, with each book, it kept calling a deeper and darker part of me that I didn’t even know existed. The magnitude of what this series is, it’s simply untouchable with the human logic. I can’t really explain what this series is making feel.  Each new ground-shaking, shocking, crazy, makes-my-blood-run-cold development that accompanies each hero’s story made it feel crazier and crazier. I lost count how many times I either cringed or my eyes got super wide or my heart skipped 10 beats with the dark-black scenes.

I feel so sad and devastated that there is only one book left for this series’s THE END. I just don’t want for it to end. If it could continue forever, I would be the happiest woman on earth. The world, the characters, the EVERYTHING of The Elite needs to live eternally. Don’t get me wrong, I am waiting at the very edge of my seat to F I N A L L Y read Micah’s true love story with Evie. But still, it’s always sad when a phenomenal thing comes to its finale.




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