Fabulous Five 016 - The Hot-Line Emergency

Fabulous Five 016 - The Hot-Line Emergency by Betsy Haynes

Book: Fabulous Five 016 - The Hot-Line Emergency by Betsy Haynes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Betsy Haynes
where will you keep him?"
Shane asked Madame Zonga.
    "In a cage in my sleeping quarters."
    "Could you bring it out so I could see it?" he
    "Out here? Come with me, and I'll show you."
    "No, I'd better not. Why don't you bring it out here?"
    The lady looked at him and then disappeared behind the
drapes again.
    "Quick! Somebody give me a lipstick," Shane
    Christie searched frantically in her purse for one as did
the other girls.
    "Here," said Beth.
    "No! I want a red one. A bright red one. That one's
    "Here," said Jana.
    Shane took the lipstick and quickly made red marks under
Igor's eyes and around his nostrils as a rattling sound came from the other
part of the apartment. Jana had just put the lipstick back in her purse when
the curtains parted and the lady in black backed out, pulling a large wire cage
behind her.
    "This is it," she said, panting with the effort.
    "That looks like a nice one," said Shane. "Here,
you hold Igor while I look at it."
    As he walked around the cage, Madame Zonga looked at the
iguana in her hands. Suddenly she looked closer at Igor's face. "What's
this!" she asked, pointing to Igor's eyes. "What's this red
    "Oh, that. Did he do it again?" asked
Shane. "Here, let me have him. Does anyone have a tissue?" Melanie
handed him one. "He started bleeding from the eyes and nose yesterday. I
don't know what causes it, but I'm sure it's not contagious," he said,
smiling and wiping the lipstick away.
    " Bleeding from the eyes and nose! And you bring
him here to see my Cecilia? How could you do such a thing? My Cecilia
could catch whatever it is and die."
    "Oh, I don't think it's anything to worry about,"
said Shane. "I haven't heard of them finding any of that new reptile
disease around here."
    "Reptile disease! They've discovered a new reptile
disease? Shoosh! Get him out of here! Get him out!"
    Shane looked at Madame Zonga with his mouth open, but
Christie thought she saw a twinkle in his eyes. "I, uh, didn't think."
    "Didn't think? Get that infected lizard out of here
before my Cecilia catches its disease!" She waved her hands and opened the
door. When the six of them were back in the hall, she slammed the door.
    When they reached the street, they all let out wails of
laughter. "Shane, how could you?" asked Christie, bracing herself
against the wall of a building.
    "I wasn't about to leave Igor with an iguana that's
treated weirder than I treat him. There's no telling what condition he'd be in
when I got him back."
    "Well, what next?" asked Jana. "Have you got
any other big ideas about finding Igor a girlfriend?"
    Shane shrugged. "Back to the drawing board, I guess."
    They were still chattering and laughing about the incident
when they boarded the bus for home.
    Christie pulled off her sweater and tossed it on her bed,
then got into her pajamas. It was eleven o'clock that evening, and she was
tired but happy.
    After going with Shane to see Madame Zonga and Cecilia, The
Fabulous Five had gone to the mall and hung around. Christie thought nearly
everyone they knew from the seventh grade was there, and they had had a ball,
strolling back and forth, talking to friends, eating round food, which was what
everyone called pizza and hamburgers, and sitting on the benches and watching
people. Later, they went ice-skating and ate more round food. The only
disconcerting thing had been Jon. Christie had seen him ducking in and out
behind pillars like an Indian scout on the trail of a deer. Every time she
looked, he disappeared behind something. He had finally joined them when Randy,
Tony, Shane, and Keith had showed up. The rest of the evening The Fabulous Five
and the boys had drunk colas, and talked.
    Christie heard the telephone ring in another part of the
house and listened to hear if her mom or dad would call her. It was probably
one of The Fabulous Five calling to talk about their day. Her parents never got
calls this late on Saturday. She was right.
    "Christie? her mother called

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