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Authors: Sommer Marsden
her bones in a beautiful pillowcase. I had found it in Margaret's linen closet and couldn't even guess what it might cost. It was buttery soft and trimmed with lace—perfect for transporting her remains.
    "Let's go” I groaned. I was starting to waver, my energy completely depleted. I caught Trip studying my face, and forced a smile.
    We trudged up the steep hill back toward the house. Mikey's phone kept bleeping with annoying persistence.
    "It's Margaret,” he said. “Third call in an hour. She's dying to know if we'll be done in time for her big shindig tonight. Persistent little woman."
    "If this works out the way I hope it will, we shouldn't be much longer.” I cradled Kimi's remains in my arms and tried not to think about what I was holding. Holding bones was bad enough, but holding the bones of a murder victim was even worse.
    "I'll call her when we're done,” he said. “I can always blame it on bad reception."
    We were a sad-looking group as we finally staggered into the family cemetery. There they were, six stained and weathered tombstones, crooked as bad teeth. The whole family. I stopped at each one and studied the names. I felt a pulse of rage as I stood before the stones of the murderous brothers but moved on. Finally, I stood before Jeremiah Gentry's grave and spoke aloud.
    "We have her here, Jeremiah. We're finally going to let you be together. On this side and on your side.” I knew intuitively that Kimi was nearby listening. She wasn't showing herself, but was very aware of the proceedings. Her presence registered with the fine hairs along the back of my neck and arms.
    I turned to the team. “Ready to break a couple dozen laws?"
    My question was met with nervous laughter and sad smiles. We were. It was time.
    Trip dug into the hard earth with his collapsible spade. “This is going to take until next Halloween,” he grunted. “This ground is like cinder block."
    Liz took off back toward the house and returned quickly with a sturdy shovel. “Give this a try,” she said, blushing. “I saw it last night when we were poking around."
    "You're the best Girl Friday ever,” I said.
    After what seemed like forever, Trip hit wood. It was spongy and rotten, but still in one piece after all these years. “I'll let you do the honors,” he said with a grin.
    Now that we were nearing the end, I felt a fresh burst of energy. I dropped into the now open grave and gently pried back some wood where Trip's shovel had broken through. “Here we go,” I said to myself. “Let's get you two back together."
    Without letting myself think, I gently placed each bone from the pillowcase into the plain wooden coffin. Each one made a gentle clunk as it fell home. When I was finally done, I closed my eyes and sent Kimi my message.
    The pain is gone now. The evil done to you is gone. Jeremiah is gone. Now you must go. If you go, you can be with him. No one can keep you apart on the other side. I make you this promise, Kimi. It's time to go home to him.
    After a quick prayer and a blessing, I grabbed Trip's offered hand. He hoisted me out and pulled me into a tight embrace. Mikey set to work filling the hole and made a quick job of it with some help from Liz and Missy.
    "Think it worked?” Trip asked, his face wary but hopeful. “I thought that resting of the bones business was myth."
    All eyes were on me. The team was eager to be done with the case and know that it had ended well. Hopeful the right thing had been done for Kimi. I took a deep breath and stayed very still. With a quick nod and a silent prayer of thanks, I started toward the house.
    "When someone peacefully passes over, I don't think they really care where the body is. In this case, I think it's more ceremonial. We're giving her what she was denied—letting them be together on this side. And, thankfully, I think it worked. I think we're done here."
    On the edge of the trees, I turned for one last look at Jeremiah's grave. The one he now shared with Kimi.

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