Big Daddy Sinatra 3: The Best of My Love (The Sinatras of Jericho County)

Big Daddy Sinatra 3: The Best of My Love (The Sinatras of Jericho County) by Mallory Monroe

Book: Big Daddy Sinatra 3: The Best of My Love (The Sinatras of Jericho County) by Mallory Monroe Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mallory Monroe
Bed and
Breakfast trade.
Matt smiled off her response, she was right: he didn’t like it at all.   But it gave him information.   She was not a pushover. He was going to have
to bring his A-game.   “Please have a seat,”
he said.
sat midway on the empty banquette booth seat across from them.   Matt and Steve also sat down.
a pleasure to finally meet you, Mrs. Sinatra,” Matt said.   “But I thought Steve said your husband would
also attend.”
on his way.”   Jenay was disheartened when
she arrived at Marymount and didn’t see his Jaguar already in the parking
lot.   She thought he would beat her
there, but she should have known better.   Charles never just went where he said he was going to go.   He went ten other places, and then he
arrived.   “I apologize for our
tardiness.   I just text my husband.   He’s only a couple blocks away.”
Matt said.   “We’ll wait on him then.”
all sat back to small talk as Jenay ordered drinks for herself and Charles, and
within minutes Charles arrived.   Like a
ball of fire, Matt thought, when he laid eyes on him.   He was not especially tall, but he was
compact and strong, a well-dressed man of good looks and toughness: a rare
combination.    If he thought Jenay might
be a handful, he could already sense that that husband of hers was going to be
an armful.   He had his work cut out for
remained seated and slid further across her seat as the men stood and greeted
Charles with handshakes and more small talk.   Charles then leaned down, kissed Jenay on the lips, and sat beside
her.   The waiter immediately brought the
drinks for Jenay and Charles.
you weren’t on time either,” Charles said with a smile when the waiter left.
thanks to you,” Jenay responded, reminding him by those words alone about his
insistence on sex this morning; sex that went far longer than it should have,
and that made her late to begin with.
had a different response.   His dick
stiffened at just the thought of how it felt when he was inside of her.   And how he wanted in again.   They even exchanged a knowing glance just at
the thought of it.   And that, to Charles,
was priceless.   He had a soulmate
now.   And if making their competitor wait
longer was the price he had to pay to enjoy his soulmate the way he enjoyed
Jenay this morning, he would gladly pay it again and again.
nice to be in Jericho,” Matt said.   “Lived here all your life, Mr. Sinatra?”
found it instructive that Matt did not bother to ask Charles if he could call
him by his first name on their first meeting, but it was not worth mentioning.
was born and raised here, yes,” Charles responded.
it’s a nice town then?”
I’m sure it’s better than alright for you, Mr. Sinatra,” Matt said with a
smile.   “You own practically half of it.”
didn’t respond to that fact. He stared at Matt.   Although Matt thought he was getting info on Charles, Charles had his
radar on him.    And his radar, whom he
trusted with his life, was already telling him that this was a snake that was
looking to bite.   “What can we do for
you, Mr. Dellum?” he asked.
smiled.   “You want to get down to
business, in other words?”
can we do for you, Mr. Dellum?” Jenay asked.   She’d already detected the snake in him too.
smile left.   These two were no country
bumpkins, that was for damn sure.   “Let’s
get down to it then,” he said.   “As you
know, I recently purchased a Bed and Breakfast here in town.   It was once the town’s most successful B
& B, but over the last few years it has declined.”
hasn’t declined,” Charles said.   “It
remained the same.   Jericho Inn outpaced
it.   My wife busted her ass, worked
harder than everybody else, and made it the success it is

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