Broken Road

Broken Road by Char Marie Adles

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Authors: Char Marie Adles
was already a super star.
       This was a new song that he didn’t know and figured that Devil had found the radio in the living room and was playing some music while she was working inside.
       Even her name brought a smile to his lips. He rarely smiled and yet she had him doing it all the time since she had been here. She was a wonder and she was good for him. She had become the one thing he looked forward to each day. He felt guilty about starting to like her since she used to be with his brother, but he figured that since his brother was clear that he had a chance and he knew that his brother would want him happy.
       He would have to be careful not to take things so far that one of them got hurt, but just far enough for them to have some fun. After all she was a young mother and he had an entire ranch to run with his men, but they could be very good friends.
       The song called him back from his thoughts and he found himself drifting towards the house by the lull of the sweet soft love song. It made him think of Devil while she was wrapped up in his arms.
       “Hey Boss! Where ya going?” Kip called from the carrel of horses.
       “To get me a Devil,” he said with a grin and made his way to the house.

Chapter Eleven
    Devil found Mr. Canter’s office on the east side of the ranch house and decided that a peek inside the room couldn’t hurt. She should know what kind of man she was trusting with her daughter with right?
       She continued to hum her song as she gently pushed the oak door open; it swung inward a few inches without a sound and she stuck her head into the room.
       A heavily desk faced away from a large window that over looked the main barns of the ranch and then the training fields beyond. The walls were wooden just like all the others on the main floor, but unlike the others these had pictures hung on every open space. Some of them looked to be a few decades old and some even older then that. Pictures of smiling couples and children over the generations. There was even one of tall Indian man with a feather in his hair smiling slightly in front of a house being built, the ranch house as it were.
       Devil smiled, touching the picture.
       In fact most of the pictures were of Indian ancestors.
       The most recent ones were hung over an ancient computer that had seen better days, coated in dust. There were a few of a pretty, young Native American woman who stood next to another tall and proud white man, holding his hand. They both looked happy together. Then there were pictures of two boys. Many in fact.
       Devil knew at once that the pictures were of Mr. Canter and the other boy just had to be his younger brother.
       There was one picture however that caught her attention. It was a picture of the young Mr. Canter and his younger brother. They were both grinning at the camera and sporting matching scrapes and bruises. They looked so careless and happy and boyish that it shocked Devil that Mr. Canter had ever been that way. By her best guess he had been about seventeen and his brother twelve.
       Devil touched that picture and his smiling face wishing he would smile more. She had a feeling that if he smiled like that now that, that smiled would devastate her and put her on a path she couldn’t recover from. Best not go down that path, she wouldn’t end up powerless like her mother.
       She let herself be distracted by the papers littering the desk. Bills to be paid, sale bills, and record books covered the surface in abundant messes.
       Devil picked one up and glanced at it. She felt her mouth drop and the cold edge of a blade pressed against her throat.
       “Don’t move unless you wanna get cut, you understand me?” a deep voice rumbled over Devil’s head.
       She swallowed very carefully and nodded. Quickly she ran through all the things that her adoptive father had taught her and found something that just might work. After all she couldn’t

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