Charming The Alpha

Charming The Alpha by Liliana Rhodes

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Authors: Liliana Rhodes
graveyard on their property. There's only one gravestone here though and I always wondered why that was, but I knew better than to ask Pea."
    Hannah walked over to the gravestone and read it aloud. "'Here lies Rebekah Crane, Mother Leeds and unfaithful wife to Jacob.' Well that's just rude."
    "I bet that's why she's back here. They considered her a disgrace. I'm sure you know Mother Leeds gave birth to the Jersey Devil, and I suspect that the curse Pea told me about has something to do with that. I'm sure if you wanted to find out more about her you could go down to City Hall on Monday and look her up, see what you can find. And if that doesn't work just call her. You've always been much more powerful in calling than me."
    "You never asked Pea about her?"
    "No, I wanted my private place to stay my own. Plus, I know Pea. She always felt we should just listen to her and we didn't need to know anything else. I was stupid and never questioned her," Eliza said. "I had a different relationship with her than you did. I always felt she was resentful towards me. To me, she wasn't the warm comforting woman you know."
    Nodding, Hannah knew her mother was right. The Pea she knew and the Pea Eliza grew up with were two different women. Hannah hoped if Pea was alive she wouldn't do anything to prevent Caleb and her from being together, but she suspected Pea wouldn't do anything differently.
    "Let's go back inside, Hannah. I'm tired and I'm sure you are too.   Plus, you have that date tonight. I'm sorry for how I reacted earlier. I just...I guess I'm still hurt about your dad."
    "Have you tried looking for him? With the internet and everything, maybe you can find him."
    "I've been talking to other shifters, showing them an old picture of us, to see if anyone recognizes him. I don't even know if he came back after his deployment. For all I know, he's dead," she paused for a minute before continuing, "but I honestly don't think so. I've always felt he was close, I can't explain it, its just a feeling. Recently though, something has happened. I feel like he's in danger and that's why I started going to Night Shift. I needed to speak to more people. I have to find him."
    Eliza pulled an old photograph out of her pocket and handed it to Hannah. It was the first time she ever saw her father before. Knox had sandy colored hair and a warm smile. His body was built similar to Caleb's, strong and muscular like most grey wolves. Looking at her mother beside him, so young and cheerful, Hannah's eyes misted over when she realized she had never seen her mother so happy before.
    "You can ask Caleb tonight," Hannah said. "Maybe he can help. He's the Alpha for Rowan so I'm sure he knows a lot of wolves."
    "Thank you, hon, I will. Now go get some sleep. You've never been on a date until a wolf takes you on one," Eliza said grinning.
    Hannah could tell her mother was lost in a memory about her love from long ago, Hannah's father. She kissed her cheek and left her alone with the picture and her memories.

    Chapter Ten
    Dressed in a black, hip hugging pencil skirt and a dark purple wool v-neck sweater, Hannah was early for the first time in her life. She looked out the small oval window that faced the street and wondered where Caleb was.  
    He wasn't late, she just wanted to make sure he didn't have any time alone with her mother. The last thing she wanted was for them to bond over naked baby photos of her.
    Eliza was busy in the kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies, her usual treat for guests. With her mom in a pair of worn jeans and a sweatshirt, Hannah was glad to not have one of those mothers who competed with her for a man's attention. She'd heard horror stories about that from other friends at school.
    The loud growl of a motorcycle filled the air and Hannah ran over to the mirror to make sure she looked alright, before looking out the window again. Parked in front of the house was a silver Harley Davidson. Caleb got off the bike, removed his

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