Deadly Obsession
the school Christmas play. Half-way through, my nerves got the better of me. I ran offstage and threw up in the boys’ bathroom. Poor Mary had to deal with the three wise men alone.”
    The oddly erotic sight of Lauren politely trying to stifle her laughter with her hands pleased him. Soon, they were both laughing so hard the other restaurant patrons turned to stare at them.
    Nic met her gaze and his laughter evaporated. With her glittering eyes and pink cheeks, she was beautiful. His own face heated as he pictured her naked and flushed, her sweet moans singing in his ears. Averting his eyes, he took several deep breaths before he could return to their conversation. “When do you want to do this?
    “Do this?”
    Her bewildered tone brought his eyes back to her. The beautiful Lauren appeared a bit dazed, as though her thoughts had been along the same lines as his. “The hockey thing.”
    “Right. If you’re available tomorrow, I can try to book the Pepsi Center for a couple hours. The Avalanche are away for the next few days.”
    “Perfect.” Good thing he’d already arranged for a few days off. “Do you want any coffee or tea, or some dessert?”
    She glanced at her watch and shook her head. “It’s late. I’m sure these poor people can’t wait for us to leave, and I should get to bed.”
    After settling the bill, Nic looked out the windows. When he was sure no paparazzi were hiding in the parking lot, he took Lauren’s arm and led her outside. He considered driving in circles around the hotel to extend the ride so he could feel her heat against his back and her cold hands on his chest again. He coughed into his hand to hide his grin.
    After a short ride back to the hotel, he parked the bike. As they crossed the lobby toward the elevators, she said, “I know you don’t like to be out in public, so you don’t have to walk me to my room.”
    Nic had to grin at her naïveté where the press was concerned. Odds were high that the paparazzi had staked out her room rather than his because hers was booked under her real name.
    “But maybe I want to,” he said.
    As she was removing her coat, Nic pressed the button for the eighteenth floor. Lauren raised an eyebrow. “You know my room number?”
    He relaxed against the elevator wall and caught the reflection of her backside in the mirrored doors. “Sorry?” She had a perfect round butt, beautifully outlined by her tailored pants. He barely stopped himself from reaching out.
    “How did you get my room number?”
    With effort, he pulled his eyes away from the entrancing sight to focus on her face. “The hotel operator gave it to me when I called your room yesterday.”
    “A woman?”
    He grinned. “Of course.”
    “She wasn’t supposed to do that.”
    “No, but I’m hard to resist.” When the elevator doors opened, he stepped out and scanned the hall for any waiting paparazzi. It was empty.
    At her door, he pulled her close and kissed her on each cheek. The feel and taste of her tempted him. Behind her door, a nice big bed waited for them. One word from her and she’d be underneath him. Reluctantly, he released her and stepped back. The paparazzi could arrive at any time, and he couldn’t risk exposing her again.
    He walked back to the elevator, his steps slow. If he turned around, she’d probably welcome him with open arms. When the elevator doors closed, he let out a relieved sigh. A war raged inside him, and he’d almost lost the battle.
    He had to stay away from her .
    As he stepped out onto his floor, his phone rang. Not recognizing the ringtone, he read the caller ID: 514, the area code for Montréal.
    “Mr. Lamoureux. This is Dr. Marseau at the CHUM.” Why was The University of Montréal Hospital Centre calling him? He glanced left and right to make sure the halls were empty. The last thing he needed was for some reporter to overhear this conversation.
    “Do you know a Rachel Lamoureux?” the doctor asked. “Her medical file lists you as

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