Eve Dallas 02 - Glory in Death

Eve Dallas 02 - Glory in Death by J.D. Robb

Book: Eve Dallas 02 - Glory in Death by J.D. Robb Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.D. Robb
    When Mavis whirled, Eve saw that the singer's heart-shaped butt was similarly decorated on each slim cheek. Just, she mused, within the limits of the law.
    The crowd loved her. When she stepped from the stage after her set, it was to thunderous applause and drunken cheers. Patrons in the private smoking booths thumped fists enthusiastically on their tiny tables.
    "How do you sit down in that?" Eve asked when Mavis arrived at her booth.
    "Slowly, carefully, and with great discomfort." Mavis demonstrated, then let out a sigh. "What'd you think of the last number?"
    "A real crowd pleaser."
    "I wrote it."
    "No shit?" Eve hadn't understood a single word, but pride swelled, nonetheless. "That's great, Mavis. I'm awed."
    "I might have a shot at a recording contract." Beneath the glitter on her face, Mavis's cheeks flushed. "And I got a raise."
    "Well, here's to it." In toast, Eve lifted her glass.
    "I didn't know you were coming in tonight." Mavis punched her code into the menu and ordered bubble water. She had to baby her throat for the next set.
    "I'm meeting someone."
    "Roarke?" Mavis's eyes, currently green, shone. "Is he coming? I'll have to do that last number again."
    "He's in Australia. I'm meeting Nadine Furst."
    Mavis's disappointment at the opportunity to impress Roarke shifted quickly to surprise. "You're meeting a reporter? On purpose?"
    "I can trust her." Eve lifted a shoulder. "I can use her."
    "If you say so. Hey, you think maybe she'd do a piece on me?"
    Not for worlds would Eve have extinguished the light in Mavis's eyes. "I'll mention it."
    "Decent. Listen, tomorrow's my night off. Want to catch some dinner or hang someplace?"
    "If I can manage it. But I thought you were seeing that performance artist -- the one with the pet monkey."
    "Flicked him off." Mavis illustrated by brushing a finger over her bare shoulder. "He was just too static. Gotta go." She slid out of the booth, her butt decor making little scraping sounds. Her emerald hair gleamed in the swirling lights as she edged through the crowd.
    Eve decided she didn't want to know what Mavis considered too static.
    When her communicator hummed, Eve pulled it out and punched in her code. Roarke's face filled the miniscreen. Her first reaction, unbidden, was a huge, delighted smile.
    "Lieutenant, I've tracked you down."
    "Apparently so." She worked on dimming the smile. "This is an official channel, Roarke."
    "Is it?" His brow lifted. "It doesn't sound like official surroundings. The Blue Squirrel."
    "I'm meeting someone. How's Australia?"
    "Crowded. With luck I'll be back within thirty-six hours. I'll find you. "
    "I'm not hard to find." She smiled again. "Obviously. Listen." To amuse them both, she tilted the unit as Mavis roared into her next set.
    "She's unique," Roarke managed after several bars. "Give her my best."
    "I will. I'll -- ah -- see you when you get back."
    "Count on it. You'll think of me."
    "Sure. Safe trip, Roarke."
    "Eve, I love you."
    She let out a baffled breath when his image dissolved.
    "Well, well." Nadine Furst moved from her position behind Eve's shoulder and slid into the booth opposite. "Wasn't that sweet?"
    Torn between annoyance and embarrassment, Eve jammed her communicator back in her pocket. "I thought you had more class than to eavesdrop."
    "Any reporter worth her salary eavesdrops, Lieutenant. Just like a good cop." Nadine stretched back in the booth. "So, what does it feel like to have a man like Roarke in love with you?"
    Even if she could have explained it, Eve wouldn't have. "Thinking of switching from hard news to the romance channel, Nadine?"
    Nadine merely held up a hand, then let out a sigh when she scanned the club. "I can't believe you wanted to meet here again. The food's terrible."
    "But the atmosphere, Nadine, the atmosphere."
    Mavis hit a piercing note and Nadine shuddered. "Fine, it's your deal."
    "You got back on planet quickly."
    "I managed to catch a flash transport. One of your

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