Freeing Tuesday

Freeing Tuesday by Katheryn Kiden

Book: Freeing Tuesday by Katheryn Kiden Read Free Book Online
Authors: Katheryn Kiden
he is right and I can’t let that happen.

    Abby shoves me up against the wall as soon as we’re in the hallway near the room where Hunter and the other guys are holed up. “I swear Evan, if you fuck this up because you act like an ass I will cut you.”
    Jameson grabs her around the waist and pulls her flush against him while he walks down the hall, whispering something in her ear that instantly calms her down and she smiles. Probably something about being the meat in her thigh sandwich later. Damn it, now I’m hungry: maybe a little horny.
    “I still don’t understand why he had to come along,” she mumbles while glaring at me.
    “You wouldn’t even have this meeting if it weren’t for me! While you were at home playing Betty Crocker, I was at the bar talking to the Shaft boys about toothy twats," I grin and look at Tuesday. “Plus, you let her tag along.”
    “Yeah, I needed someone to come along to keep you in line.” Abby calls out over her shoulder as we walk.
    Before I have a chance to respond, a pair of double doors open and everyone files through behind Henry.
    I’m the last one through behind Sean and Tuesday, just how I like it. Any opportunity to watch her ass sway is a good one. I know after tonight, with her dressed in the red dress and fuck me heels she has on, I’ll be in a cold shower the whole damn night.
    I’m not even paying attention to where I’m going, I’m more interested in imagining her legs around my hips and I run into her back because everyone has stopped in front of a door to wait for Henry to open it.
    “Quit staring at my ass, fucker,” Tuesday growls without turning around. I just shake my head and chuckle.
    “Christ, it’s like we have an extra kid, Jameson,” Abby groans.
    “You love me and you know it!”
    She turns around and glares at me. Fuck, Tuesday must be teaching her her ways because every time she looks at me it’s worse than the last time.
    “You’re about as useless as a screen door on a submarine,” she says as we walk in. “I still don’t know why we had to bring you and Sean with us. This is business, well mostly.”
    When we walk in, everybody in the room looks like they’re about to shit their pants. I walk around her and bump fists with Hunter.
    Turning back to Abby, I smile, “You brought me? Those passes were left for me.”
    Abby rolls her eyes but I know she loves this shit. Her life would be so boring without me.
    “Those passes were left for Mr. Gungasm McToothy-Twat. If you’re going by that now, I officially don’t know your stupid ass.”
    I can’t stop the laugh that comes out when she says what name they left the tickets under. Last night was fucking epic even if it did result in a pissed off Tuesday and a sore head. The hangover was a bitch but it was totally worth it.
    Daisy jumps up when she sees that no one else is going to and reaches out for Abby’s hand.
    “I’m so glad you could make it tonight, Ms. Irons.”
    The formal shit that’s rolling off her tongue sounds weird. I don’t think I have ever heard Abby be referred to as Miss anything.
    “My name is Abby. There’s nothing formal about me or this meeting tonight. We’re here to watch Shaft kick ass.” She laughs to herself and I know she has some Shaft joke running through her head, and then continues introducing everyone else. “This is my husband, Jameson, who sadly is McToothy-Twat’s brother, and that’s Tuesday, my best friend and go-to girl.”
    Once again I get distracted looking at Tuesday’s body until I hear the words ‘Cunter Cunterfield’ come out of her mouth and watch Hunter jump up and stalk towards her. My body instantly goes rigid and I want to kick his ass when he cups her jaw.
    “That’s where I know you from. You’re the sexy kitten that’s one of Evan’s days of the week. Well, it’s ‘Fill her ass Friday’ here, let me make you purr.”
    I feel the rage start to build when Tuesday’s eyes drop to his

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