Life After a Balla

Life After a Balla by Jackie D.

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Authors: Jackie D.
out where we lived? Where’s Kareem?” Skye questioned her.
    She hadn’t seen her old neighbor since they’d moved forty-five minutes away, eight months ago. Ever since the shooting, Skye really didn’t trust anybody around her family and she certainly didn’t want to answer any questions about Sandino.
    “Kareem called and asked if I could pick up Payton because he had something to do and you were out of town. Is something wrong?” Lydia asked.
    “No, it’s just that Kareem was supposed to be watching her, that’s all.” Skye wondered what Kareem had to do that was so important. She also tried to keep her cool in order not to offend her former babysitter. “I can’t believe you drove all the way out here.”
    “Well, when Kareem called, I jumped at the opportunity to see my little princess. It’s been so long,” Lydia said, poking Payton in her stomach. Payton grinned and put her hands over her eyes acting bashful. “You know I never mind babysitting Payton. She’s always been such a good baby. I miss you all so much. It doesn’t feel the same without you being my neighbor anymore.”
    “We miss you too, but I had to get away from all that madness, we needed a fresh start.”
    “I can understand that, by the way, how is Jordan doing in Spanish 2 this year?” Lydia asked.
    “Well, school just started last month, but he’s doing well so far, and I owe that all to you,” Skye proudly stated, giving her a hug.
    “No problem. I loved tutoring Jordan, he’s a smart boy and loves to learn.” Lydia looked at her watch. “I was just about to take Payton to Chucky Cheese for a little while if that’s okay with you. I want to spend a little time with her.”
    Skye was a little hesitant, but decided that she probably would’ve been overreacting if she told Lydia that wasn’t a good idea. “No, of course I don’t mind, she loves that place,” Skye said, kissing Payton once more before putting her down.
    “I won’t have her out too long. We should be back by 8:30,” Lydia replied, grabbing Payton by the hand.
    “That’s fine. Bye my sweetie pie,” Skye said, waving.
    Payton waved her little hand backwards. “Bye…bye…bye.”
    Skye loved her daughter, but the extended break from the one year old little terror was appreciated. Ever since she’d started walking, Payton got into everything and had been wearing everybody out. The only person she had wrapped around her little finger was Cruze. Payton could do no wrong in his eyes.
    Lydia suddenly turned around. “Oh yeah, before I forget. There was some man knocking on your old apartment door not too long after you moved. He then started walking around the neighborhood asking questions.”
    Skye stood wondering who it could’ve possibly been. Then again there were so many reporters coming up to her door after the incident, it could’ve been anyone.
    “See, this is one of the main reasons why I moved. Did he say who he was? Skye asked. “Was he from some news station?”
    “I don’t think so, and when I asked him his name he didn’t answer. He just asked if I knew where you moved and I told him no. Even if I had known where you all were moving I would’ve never given him the information.”
    Skye shook her head. “I know, and I thank you for that.”
    “I tried to call and tell you, but you never answered any of my calls.”
    “I’m sorry, Lydia. It’s just that after all that happened, I kinda went into a little funk. I really didn’t want to talk to anybody.”
    “Don’t worry. I understand.”
    “If you see him again, let me know though.”
    “Will do, he was really cute, too,” Lydia joked.
    After saying goodbye one last time, Skye finally headed inside wondering who the mystery man was. Another thing to add to my worries , she thought.
    She entered her apartment and dropped her keys and purse on the console table in her small foyer. When she heard the T.V. in the living room playing really loud she instantly became irritated.

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