Like the Dawn (Lark #3)

Like the Dawn (Lark #3) by Erica Cope

Book: Like the Dawn (Lark #3) by Erica Cope Read Free Book Online
Authors: Erica Cope
appear inclined to agree with her.
              “That's enough, Lady Brigit.” Alberico stands up. “If you remember correctly, the Princess was trying to save the Duchess, Isobel's life. She was tricked by Finnegan and we shall not hold that against her,” he thunders. “And do not be so careless to forget whose daughter she is.”
              Brigit seems to cower at the reprimand by her king. I would normally feel bad for her if she wasn't being so completely awful.
              My eyes dart to Isobel who is looking down at her hands. I don't think she has quite forgiven herself for not realizing that her husband Finnegan was a double agent. She probably feels just as guilty as I do.
              “So we are trying to get the kingdoms of Raumelfr and Gautelfr to form an alliance with us, but they are not easily persuaded and I'm guessing you were arguing about how to go about persuading them before I got here right?” A general murmur of agreement fills the room. “Okay, so what do you want me to do?”
              Alberico is the one who answers. “Lord Odin has suggested that we invite King Valdar and Queen Isla as well as King Magnus and their councils to meet you officially.”
              “Okay. That doesn't sound too bad.”
              “We are relying on you to, in a matter of speaking, win them over,” Alberico continues.
              “Charm them of course—show them a good time,” Henrik answers this time and I suspect he has his own ideas about how I should 'charm' them.
              “Charm them?” I say in disbelief. “The Dark Elves are attacking humans, and it's probably only a matter of time before they attack our kingdom--”
              “Actually that is impossible,” Adele interrupts.              “What is impossible?”I ask.
              “They can't transport into Álfheimr. Sól's curse preventing those of darkness from entering the kingdom of Light is still in effect.”
              “Are you sure?” I can't help but feel skeptical.
              “Positive. If they could come here, trust me, they would have attacked us already. We're safe in Álfheimr.”
              “Well no wonder," I scoff, unable hide my frustration. "This explains why you're in no hurry to act—why would you? You're all safe and sound here in Álfheimr. Nevermind the fact that the mortal world is in danger—including my friends and family."
              “You know that we are doing everything in our power to keep your family safe.”
              “Well, that's something—and I appreciate it, really I do. But it doesn't change the fact that the Dark Elves are free to hurt innocent people and you want me to 'show them a good time' in order to persuade them to help us. Doesn't that seem wrong to any of you?” I address the council.
              Blaise smirks. “Unless you don't think you are capable of it?”
              “I don't think anyone here could question the charms of the Princess.” Grey speaks up before I have a chance to smart off to Blaise. “I think the Princess just fears that this might be a waste of our time since there is a chance that they still might not want to risk their own kingdoms.”
              “Which is why I suggested that we form the alliance the old-fashioned way,” Odin mutters.
              “Which is how?' I ask him.
              “And as I told you before Lord Odin, it is too early to be discussing that,” Alberico states before Odin can answer my question.
              “But—” Odin starts to contradict Alberico.
              “I said it is too

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