Mistress Mommy

Mistress Mommy by Carolyn Faulkner, Abby Collier

Book: Mistress Mommy by Carolyn Faulkner, Abby Collier Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carolyn Faulkner, Abby Collier
Tags: ageplay, femdom
    When she’d set it down in front of Alicia, Mommy had said quite sternly, “I want this gone before we’re done with dinner, Alicia.”
    It was quite a lot of liquid. Luckily, Alicia was relatively thirsty, but still. It was something Ensure like, and it didn’t taste very good, so it wasn’t that easy to force down. Besides, she’d always had a terrible time drinking things she didn’t want to drink. Cold meds, or alcoholic drinks, it didn’t matter what the reason for drinking them was. She might actually get them down, but she’d see them again shortly. 
    The others were almost done with their plates – although Amy had ended up in the corner with a very well spanked butt on display for refusing to eat her green beans, Alicia was glad to see – and she was only half done with her bottle. She reached for it and forcibly chugged down another couple of swallows, dismayed to see how small a dent that made in the overall amount that was left. She chugged some more, and then more still, yet there was still a quarter of the bottle left.
    Hopefully, there was some sort of dessert in the offing, or her ass was grass. Yet again.
    There was. The delicious aroma of homemade apple crisp wafted to Alicia’s nose, and she strained to get more than a noseful, almost leaning out of her highchair while doing so.
    “Uh-uh. You’ll not have any of that, Alicia. You’ve got your bottle to finish, and then it’s back to bed for you.”
    That was absolutely no incentive to finish her bottle very quickly. She’d just time it so that she was swallowing the last of it as the last of the crisp was sliding into their gullets.
    But her bladder was raging that it needed to be emptied, and it just wouldn’t shut up. What was worse was that Mommy had developed the tendency of reaching over and pressing on her tummy, as if to aggravate the situation further, when Alicia really didn’t need any help in that area. She felt as if she was going to split wide open as it was.
    “Amy, do you think that you can come back to the table and finish your beans, or do I need to get the strap and lay you over the table right here and now for the naughty girl that you are?”
    Alicia was rooting – silently, of course – for the strap. She was chanting it, actually, in her head, in time to the pulsating ache in her bladder. Strap! Strap! Strap!
    Snuffling, Amy turned and replied, “I’ll eat my beans, Momma.”
    Darn it! Alicia thought.
    She did eat the hated green beans, but she also swallowed wrong and choked, and some of the milk she was drinking came out her nose. Everyone at the table laughed fit to bust a gut, or in Alicia’s case, a bladder. The instant she started to laugh, she began to pee uncontrollably, and she was so alarmed by that turn of events, yet so tickled by what had happened to Amy that she was both laughing and crying hysterically at the same time. 
    As a result, her Mommy, who wasn’t doing very well as stifling her own mirth, although she knew she should have been stricter with herself, was looking at her somewhat askance. “Alicia, are you alright?”
    “Nooooooooooooo, Mommy, nooooooooooo!” That was about all she could get out around the uncontrollable chuckles and sobs.
    Margot had a general idea what might be going on, so she helped Alicia away from the table and brought her back upstairs. She was still giggling and still peeing as she was being undressed. Wisely, Margot futzed around the room for a few minutes, until she thought she could tell that Alicia was probably done both laughing and peeing, although now she was crying in earnest.
    Margot secured Alicia for a changing, bound her arms and tethered her legs back. “Shhh-shhh-shh. Why are you crying, babygirl?”
    “Cause I wet myself!”
    “Silly! That’s what you’re supposed to do! Mommy’s changing you right now so you’re all clean for the next time. Mommy’s not mad.”
    Alicia had never thought that part of

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