Nu Trilogy 1: The Esss Advance

Nu Trilogy 1: The Esss Advance by Charles E. Waugh

Book: Nu Trilogy 1: The Esss Advance by Charles E. Waugh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charles E. Waugh
strength-stretching bands to his legs or arms and push or pull against the resistance. This was particularly helpful when learning to control his new legs, because he could keep upping the resistance until he reached the limits of his prosthetics.
    For the last three weeks, Sted had been using his workouts to work out his frustration and anger with the cards dealt to him by a cruel and uncaring universe. The first two weeks included a morning PT session with Alice and then a rigorous afternoon session in the gym, where Sted drove himself to exhaustion. It was the only way to clear his mind and stop thinking about what happened in that airlock.
    When the PT sessions ended, Sted substituted a full morning workout in the gym, followed by a full afternoon workout going up and down the stairs at the hospital and then throughout the base. The previous afternoon when he completed his stair-climbing routine, he recorded the results from his personal monitoring device and found that he had climbed and descended over 3,000 feet of stairs in a four-hour period. That exceeded his goal by fifty percent.
    Because Sted had added these workouts to his formal recovery plan, including personal goals that he wanted to achieve before he felt he would be ready to go back to work, Vice Admiral Bunting had been able to track Sted’s progress toward fitness for duty. It was also how Bunting knew it was time to push Sted into his next assignment.
    After a particularly strenuous morning workout, Sted was surprised to find Bunting waiting for him in the locker room. With sweat pouring off of his head and torso, Sted didn’t feel much like talking. All he wanted was a cool shower and enough liquid to rehydrate. However, it was not wise to show displeasure with his superior officer.
    “Hello, sir,” Sted said as he pulled the towel from around his neck and sat down on the bench in front of his locker. “What can I do for you?”
    “I was having some trouble believing the progress you were making in your physical recovery, so I came down about thirty minutes ago to watch one of your workouts. I must say that I am very impressed. After you shower and get dressed, I want you to come up to my office for lunch and our final discussion of what is available to you right now in the Navy. You will be discharged from your recovery program by the end of next week, and we need to wrap up the planning process now.”
    “I’ll be there in about thirty minutes, sir,” Sted replied. “Can you make sure you have enough carbs in the meal to replace what I’ve been working off? I’m eating about four thousand calories a day and still losing some of the weight I put on in the hospital.”
    Bunting smiled. “No problem at all. I’ll have my aide order lunch for three people, and you can eat two of the meals. I’ll see you in thirty minutes.”

Chapter 18 – Job Alternatives
    When Sted was admitted to Vice Admiral Bunting’s office, the first thing he noticed was Lieutenant Hartman depositing plates of food and closed containers of drinks on the table in the sitting area.
    “Will that be all, sir?” Hartman asked once he was finished.
    Bunting nodded. “That will be fine, Lieutenant. “We’ll take a peek at the food and let you know if we need anything else.”
    He gestured to the chair in front of the table. “Have a seat, Captain. I am afraid the lieutenant went a little overboard when ordering our lunch. From what I see on the table, we probably have enough food for four healthy young men!”
    “Thank you, sir,” Sted replied as he pulled out a chair and waited for Bunting to sit down first. “Lieutenant Hartman has quite a reputation around the base. Is he really that good?”
    “If you knew James like I do, you would think this was normal. I’ll wager that every dish on the table is one of your favorites. He has an uncanny ability to know what my guests and I need or want before

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