Realm of the Dead

Realm of the Dead by Donovan Neal

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Authors: Donovan Neal
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have someone take a look at that cough."
    A hard "BANG" slammed against the door as though someone had pounded their fist against it.
    Iblis smiled at his own wit and continued smacking on his food.

*   *   *             
    Enoch walked into the war room where Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, and Azaziel conferred with one another.  He did not abide by protocol or excuse himself for interrupting. "Chief Prince, I would have words with thee," he said.
    All looked at him and then looked at Michael.
    Michael replied. "We are in session, Enoch. Please wait for us to adjourn and I shall see to thee then."  Michael then went back to speaking to his brethren, expecting Enoch to leave.
    Enoch walked further into the room and stood at the head of the table opposite him. "No, Michael.  I would speak to thee now."
    Michael rolled his eyes.
    Enoch, seeing his agitation spoke, "Of course, I could take my cause directly to El before I leave for the land of the Seraphim to retrieve the other man who now resides in Heaven. However, I would very much like to speak to thee first to know what possible dangers I might encounter as I cross Limbo underneath the mountain."
    Michael looked at his brethren.
    Gabriel nodded to Metatron and spoke. "The Candlestick of the Lord seeks the mind of the Chief Prince.  We will resume at thy convenience, Michael."
    Both Metatron and Gabriel rose and excused themselves while Gabriel closed the door to allow for the duo's privacy.
    "Enoch, it is not protocol to disrupt the Lumazi when we are in session.  Hath not Argoth taught thee anyth..."
    Enoch interrupted him. "At this moment, Michael, your protocols do not interest me.  What I am interested in is knowing where were you when Lucifer trafficked with Nephanos and tricked him. I know what Lucifer did.  I want to know if you knew what Lucifer did?"
    Michael was silent, caught off guard by Enoch's knowledge. He paced with bowed head and closed eyes to reflect on events long past.  His brow furrowed, and still he did not look Enoch in the eye.
    Enoch studied his body language, then sighed. "Your silence speaks. It would seem Argoth is not the only one with secrets.  Very well, Chief Prince, keep thy secrets to thyself but beware that thy sin will find you out.   Know that I am given a word from El and that I am to retrieve a man residing in Heaven and bring him to you.  For what cause, I do not know, but El's word is as a fire shut up in my bones, and I am moved at the command of our God.  You will help me in this thing as I will need a guide to journey with me."
    Michael then raised his head and looked at Enoch. His eyes grew wide in questioning wonderment. "El hath given order to visit Nephanos? I have not seen him sinc..."
    "Since the Schism, yes, I know.  Thy history hath shown me that not once, but twice, thy brother hath been instrumental in sowing discord among the brethren."             
    Michael shook his head. "You do not understand, Enoch, for a brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city, and their contentions are like the bars of a castle."
    "What I know, Michael, is that war exists.  That Talus lies either dead or a prisoner of war.  What I know is that you hold prisoner an enemy of the crown, and why, pray tell, wouldst thou bring a member of the fallen to Heaven if you will not follow through with what is in thy mind?   I perceive that El desires reconciliation, not retribution, and He moves towards the restoration of all things. For even now, Yeshua moves within the Earth to accomplish this, and I but follow the example of our King, who at this moment wrestles against the darkness in human flesh.  Battling to undo the acts of thy brother, for is it not for this purpose that the Son of God hast manifested that He might destroy the works of the Devil?  You are the head of thy people.  Go to Nephanos. Confess this great sin against his people and bring healing to both thy people for I have

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