The Lycan Hunter (The Gardinian World Series)

The Lycan Hunter (The Gardinian World Series) by Kelsey Jordan

Book: The Lycan Hunter (The Gardinian World Series) by Kelsey Jordan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kelsey Jordan
the male, who missed the menace that was etched in the curve of Kyran ’ s lips. Dominance challenges were not something to take lightly, and the open defiance of this Tala required a swift and violent response.
    A loud crack broke Kyran’s steely silence. The slap of a bare-backed Tala meeting a rock wall followed Kyran’s open-handed reprimand.
    Kyran walked over and stared down into hate-filled eyes. The male lay crumpled against the wall struggling, and failing, to force the animosity from his gaze.
    “Honestly, I don ’ t give a damn what you think of my loyalty as long as you remember a few things. First, you couldn’t take me on if you wanted to, and even if by some sorcerer ’ s magic you did, you wouldn ’ t be able to hold the pack. You would be killed in the first week. You understand very little of what I am trying to do by setting the Hunter free, so sit down and be quiet.” He leaned down and whispered in the male ’ s ear. “Or you can keep talking. Silencing you would be more fun.”
    The male paled and gave the appropriate, but less entertaining, response. He offered Kyran his throat, which Kyran raked with the claws of his half-changed hands to draw small beads of blood. With a final look at the barely submissive male, Kyran rose and faced the pack.
    “Anything else?” When he got no response, outside of Ronan ’ s smirk, he turned and left.
    “When do you want to move her to the Green Room?”
    Kyran turned to look at Ronan. “How do you know I was moving her there?”
    “Because I’m not stupid. Unless she’s sleeping in your room, the other rooms aren’t fit to hold her in her current condition. The doors are ready, but we still need to redecorate them.”
    Kyran nodded and started back towards the surgery suite. He let the tight muscles of his shoulders relax. Maybe his brother hadn ’ t noticed his brief moment of insanity.
    “FYI, I saw you earlier.”
    His step faltered, but he quickly recovered as he came to stand in front of the infirmary. “What are you talking about?”
    Kyran ’ s hand gripped the metal until his knuckles showed white. Crap, he thought.
    “You didn ’ t like me touching her earlier.” Ronan laughed at the frown that shot onto Kyran’s face. “The bent earring gave you away. You might want to watch yourself around her.”
    “I know. She’ll be gone long before she is an issue.”
    “Something tells me that she has a propensity for being difficult. I doubt it will be that simple.”
    “Stop killing me with your optimism.”
    Ronan laughed and motioned for them to go into the room.

    ALEXIS WATCHED as the two Lycans that had been in the room with her earlier returned. The one with the more effeminate features was laughing about something, but when he turned his gaze on her, his eyes showed a ghost of menace.
    “Goody, my rescuers are here. Is it time for me to go home yet?” She made sure to let the sarcasm leak into her words.
    “I told you earlier that I was moving you to your room. I meant what I said, Hunter.”
    Alexis rolled her eyes. “Either you have a terrible memory, wolf, or you don’t care that that isn’t my name.”
    “I remember what your name is, but you’ll always be Hunter to me,” the one who'd done the sonogram said with a smile that dripped with his earlier sarcasm.
    She muttered under her breath about the things that she would do to him if only her hands were free. Unfortunately, she missed the instructions that the wolf directed to the other one. Her a ttention refocused when the prettier of the two came into her field of vision with a large needle.
    “What the hell is that for?”
    The asshole who couldn ’ t be bothered to say her name laughed at her. “You should pay attention when people are talking instead of making idle threats.”
    “No threat I make is idle.”
    “If you say so, but you ’ ll be too loopy to wring your hands around my pretty little neck.”
    “I didn’t say pretty,

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