All In (Cedar Mountain University #2)

All In (Cedar Mountain University #2) by Ann Garner

Book: All In (Cedar Mountain University #2) by Ann Garner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ann Garner
so where does all the food go?”
    I can’t even argue because even though I was on the phone, I’m
about four bites from being done with my pancakes and he has over half his
French toast left.
    “Hasn’t anyone ever told you it’s rude to point out how much a girl
eats? That’s almost like calling her fat.”
    “I just told you that you were as small as a pixie, how is that
calling you fat? This is why girls drive guys crazy.”
    I smirk. “Oh, we know. Now hurry up, I’m ready to go.”


Chapter Five

    “Who in the hell invited her?”
    Beth is standing on the far corner of the patio. She’s standing
with a trio of people, one of whom I vaguely recognize. I’m not her biggest
fan, and I know she makes Delaney uncomfortable. And does she not own any
clothes that don’t make her look like slut? Those shorts are about one
centimeter away from indecent.
    “How many people actually get invited anymore?” Robby asks around a
mouthful of chips. “These cookouts are like the worst kept secret ever.” He
holds the bag out to me but I shake my head. “I don’t think I know half these
people. Like that asshole over there raiding the beer cooler, who the hell is
    “Focus, Robby.” I mutter.
    “I am focused. He’s drinking my beer. That’s a problem for me.”
    “I can’t believe she would show her face here.”
    Frowning Robby reaches into the bag of ships and grabs another
handful. “Girls are so weird. What does it matter if she’s here or not? Cole’s
with Delaney.”
    “Don’t be so dense. She tried to keep them apart, therefore she is
the enemy. She always will be the enemy. That’s the way it works.”
    Robby is staring at me with wide eyes. “So fucked up.” He says with
a shake of his head. “Just ignore her. Go rescue one of my beers from that
thief and relax.”
    He wanders away, shoving more chips in his mouth as he goes. I
glance back over to where Beth was standing, but I’m distracted when I see
Grant come out the back door. He’s holding a plate of hamburger patties and hot
dogs, ready to go on the grill, and is laughing at something Holden is telling
him. Holden catches me watching them and winces.
    I give him a small smile, and for the millionth time I wish I could
smooth everything over for everyone, but I can’t help them move past their
unease when I can’t even face my own.
    If only I could show them that I’m okay.
    Or I will be.
    Maybe then we’d be able to find some new sense of normal in our
little group.
    Cole comes to stand beside me, handing me a Blue Moon with a slice
of orange tucked in the neck of the bottle. I take a long drink, feeling the
liquid coat my throat.
    “So tell me about Jacob Ross.”
    I choke on the drink I’d just taken. “Jesus, you to? What about
    Cole shoots me a look. “Really? Holden has done nothing but bitch
to me about you spending the night with him. Then Grant grumbles all week about
him using you. So, what’s the deal?”
    “The deal is that Holden isn’t my father and Grant is an asshole
for thinking he has any right to be worried about me at all.”
    “Besides that.” He says with a laugh.
    I take another long drink of the beer. “There’s nothing besides
that. He’s in one of my classes, why does it have to be such a big deal? When
did Holden turn into such a girl? He’s driving me absolutely nuts. It’s like
Grant broke up with me and now he thinks I can’t make any rational decisions on
my own.”
    “Give him a break, Gracie Lou, he knows you’re hurting and he
doesn’t know how to fix it. To top it off, it’s his best friend that did it so
he’s struggling with the urge to kick Grant’s ass.”
    “I don’t want him to struggle with it,” I say, sighing. “I just
want things to be easy.”
    Cole snorts. “We don’t do easy, Grace, not in this crew.”
    “We need to figure out how.”
    “Well, since your new friend just walked through the door, I don’t
think we’re going to

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