FavoriteObsession by Nancy Corrigan

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Authors: Nancy Corrigan
of possessiveness he had no right to
replaced it. He couldn’t help feeling as if she’d chosen him and that it gave
him the right to keep her. Jesus, what the hell is wrong with me? He
released a shuddered sigh, pushing the unsettling emotions away, and slipped an
arm around her waist.
    Lips pressed to her forehead, he inhaled her fragrance and
let it seep into his lungs. “Mira.”
    She surprised him by linking her hands around his neck.
Standing on her tiptoes, she rubbed her cheek against his. Scent marking him.
In public.
    Fucking hell.
    His cock hardened instantly. “What are you doing, kitten?”
    Mira pressed the length of her body to his. “Greeting you.”
    “Darling, I asked you to greet me.”
    Mira faced the shifter. “No, you were testing me to see what
Josh means to me. Now you know.”
    Mira and Aron studied each other, careful not to lock gazes.
Josh had picked up on many of the little nuisances of shifter body language
over the past couple of months. Actually, that wasn’t quite the truth. He’d
been a part of their culture since Jazz had come home with two babies in tow
five years ago. He just hadn’t wanted to admit it.
    “Why are you here, Aron? You’ve avoided me for centuries.”
    Aron glanced between them before sliding his gaze to Jazz
who stood off to the side, quietly watching them. Hell. Josh had been so
focused on Mira he hadn’t noticed Jazz. Not good. Mistakes like that could cost
a man his life. He turned his attention back to the biggest threat in the room.
Aron’s pinched brows spoke of his indecision—another similarity many shifters
shared. When not in hunting mode, their expressions and body language offered
excellent indicators of their mood.
    “I heard of the Council’s order for you. I came to talk to
Kade about it, but since you’re here, shall we discuss it instead?”
    It wasn’t the only reason. Josh studied him. Why not mention
his interest in Molly? Was it possible he was simply curious about the little
girl? Mira tightened her grip around the waistband of his jeans and distracted
him from his thoughts. With her knuckles brushing his spine, sparks whipped through
    “That is not something I want to talk about here,” she
    Aron smirked. “Don’t you want your pet to know he’ll be
losing you?”
    She slipped out of his arms and planted her palms on the bar
separating them from Aron. “Do not call Josh by that derogatory term again. I
will not warn you twice.”
    Josh ground his teeth. No way. She would not protect him.
    Hands on her hips, he yanked her against his body and
pressed his lips to her ear. “If Aron wants to tussle, he can meet me in the
field. I’m always up for a good fight.” He focused on the shifter. “Fists only.
No claws or teeth. Got to even things up. Otherwise, it’s not fun.”
    Another big grin spread across Aron’s face. Full feline
fangs showed as he bared his teeth. “You’re on. You pick the time. I’ll be
    “You plan on staying?” A hint of panic laced Mira’s words.
    Aron’s eyes mapped a path down her body. “Damn straight. I’ve
been away from the pride too long. Three centuries too long.”
    Jazz stepped closer and fixed Aron with a hard glare. “A
return my brother-in-law isn’t privy to. I know exactly what your slip of
protocol means, mister, and I won’t stand for your snubbing of Kade’s authority
    “Aaahh, the newest member of the pride.” Aron stood and
bowed. “Jasmine Alexander, mate to Rafe, welcome to the family. My life for
    The greeting he’d heard every shifter make to Jazz was a
literal vow. He’d learned that after asking several of them about it.
    Aron bent his head and kissed Jazz’s cheek, breaking the tension.
    “I see why my little cousin became enamored with you.” Aron
lifted her chin, turned her face side to side and nodded. “Yes. A very good
choice indeed. You’ll give Rafe beautiful cubs.”
    Fire lit her eyes. Jazz hated when

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