S-Duality: A Marauders Novella

S-Duality: A Marauders Novella by Lina Andersson

Book: S-Duality: A Marauders Novella by Lina Andersson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lina Andersson
bed, Trudy had asked her if she'd be okay with one more guy with them. Trudy'd invited Casey, one of her old fuck buddies. About an hour in, Sisco'd started to feel very expendable, and for a second he'd been pissed. Then he'd realized that Trudy was pretty fucking expendable as well. She'd pulled him out of the bed and took him to the armchair where they'd had their fun alone. Neither Laurie nor Casey had seemed to even notice they were gone.
    Three months later they had been engaged, but they still played with Trudy and Sisco at times. Once Laurie had gotten into it, she'd loved it and wasn't prepared to stop, and Casey didn't mind. They'd talked a lot to Trudy about what rules she and Sisco had, and she'd been happy to help.
    Laurie and Casey were quickly becoming their best friends. It worked. He thought Laurie was sexy as hell, and Casey obviously thought Trudy was hot, but the other thing never turned up—that spark that could mean something different. And Trudy and Laurie were really hot together. Sometimes he and Casey opted to sit on the sidelines and just watch.
    Sisc o was sitting at a round table with a huge centerpiece of white and pink flowers when Laurie put her arms around his neck and gave his cheek a kiss.
    “Are you getting drunk?” she asked.
    “Yup.” He turned his head and looked at her. “You look beautiful.”
    “Thank you.” She sat down on the chair next to him. “For everything. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and Trudy.”
    “I hope you've told her that. She's extremely fucking proud about getting you two together.”
    “I did.” Laurie took a glass of wine and smiled at him. “Just after I asked her if you two wanted to get in on our wedding night.”
    He stared at her. “You want us there on your wedding night?”
    “Like a celebratory thing of how we met.”
    “That's a bit fucked up even to me.”
    Laurie laughed. “Is that a no?”
    “No, it's not, just think it's a bit weird that you want us there. Which means that if we ever get married, you won't be there on our wedding night.”
    “She said the same thing.”
    “Good to know we're on the same page.” He leaned forwards and gave Laurie's forehead a kiss. “Let us know what hotel we're sneaking into tonight.”
    “Got that covered with your girl,” she said with a wink.
    They did sneak into their hotel, and they had a lot of fun. Laurie's friends from her hometown had prepped the hotel room and left a bunch of toys, probably not knowing there would be some extra people there, but they made good use of them all.
    Sisco and Trudy left the newlyweds to spend the night alone, and as they walked out, Trudy took his hand.
    “I rock.”
    “Yes you do,” he said and gave her a kiss. “Not the best couple you've set up, though.”
    “Totally is!”
    “Nope. You and I are better.”
    “We are! Aren't we?” she laughed. “ We rock! They said they could keep playing with us until they decided to have a kid. Casey said he loved you, but if a condom broke, he wouldn't want to take care of your hairy gnome kid.”
    “Can't blame him for that. If we ever decide to have a kid, you can't have sex with other guys, either.”
    It sort of fell out of him. He'd never thought about kids, and he didn't think Trudy had either. She didn't answer him for quite a while, and they walked silently next to each other until he was starting to wonder if she'd flip out. Then she finally spoke up.
    “I think I want kids one day. Have a new, better family.”
    “Me too,” he said and pulled her closer to kiss the top of her head. “But not yet.”
    “No! God no! I'm still too young! And your beard might be impressive, but you're not old enough either.”
    The more he thought about it, the more he liked the thought of the two of them having a kid. Again, not right then, but in the future. Get a chance to do it better, and be a real family. No beating, no selling your kids for drug money—yeah, it wasn't hard to be

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