Star Force: Backdoor (SF53)

Star Force: Backdoor (SF53) by Anal Backdoor

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Authors: Anal Backdoor
Type-1’s missile fire had flown over the
Skarron infantry, intending to harass them later if Kip’s group ended up
drawing the attention instead, forcing the Skarrons to make a choice, but when
they had the little sleds popped like fireworks, sending up a one shot shower
of missiles that had caught the Valeries off guard.
    Nearly all of the aircraft had went down, with the few
survivors retreating low to the ground and trying to play tank to avoid
    “Damn it,” Kip said, triggering the voltron’s assembly
procedure and activating his comm. “Looks like we’re going over ground from
here guys. Our distraction got roasted by infantry missile launchers. If you
see any vehicles with them knock them out quick. They’re pretty much an
anti-air mine for any fighters crossing overhead.”
    “What the hell?” one of the starscream pilots asked.
    “I know, I’ve never heard of it before either, but it
fits with their MO.”
    “That Type-1 is going to light us up over ground.”
    “I’ll help with the voltron’s anti-air. At minimum we
can get it to waste some of its ammo on us.”
    “And when the transports nearby reload it?”
    “I’m open to any better ideas,” Kip floated.
    Another mechwarrior broke in. “I’m onboard with
trading plasma for missiles. Costlier for them.”
    “And our armor,” another added.
    “These guys are up to something,” Kip reminded them.
“We need to interfere however we can.”
    “Alright, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”
    “You and me both, buddy,” Kip
agreed as his five mech segments finished linking together as they floated
above the ground. He flipped it upright when the legs fully formed and set it
down, then transferred the energy going to the anti- grav into the other systems. The mech was so heavy and the
anti- grav units so small that it took nearly all the
power generation it had to move the individual pieces around, then when it
transformed into the bipedal mech the internal components reconfigured into
jump jets that operated off a capacitor that was even now beginning to fill.
    All the other systems came online, drawing power from
the five generators and taking away its full flight capability. Sensors,
weapons, shields, and muscle fibers all began drawing from the active energy
supply as Kip stood the mech on the ground and began walking it forward,
choosing the anti-missile shield variety and getting its matrix forming,
knowing that it would be many kilometers before they’d come within range of the
plasma hurricane the Type-1 was capable of producing.
    The starscreams did the same, shifting from standard
shields to the variant and giving them a chance of pulling this off. With the
one big mech and its ten flankers they began running across the ground,
diverting to the right slightly to work their way around a small Protovic city
enroute to the walker that was clearly visible on the horizon behind it.
    Another round of missiles popped up from the Type-1
and Kip readied the anti-air units on the Voltron’s shoulders as he chose a
deployment configuration and sent it out to the starscreams…with them heading
forward and spreading out to give the Skarrons wider spaced targets so they
couldn’t get double hits on missile strikes. He assumed they’d be shooting at
the voltron, and this way the starscreams could knock down a few more missiles
as they flew overhead.
    “Looks like you could use a hand,” a very familiar
voice broke through the comm as the missiles were halfway to him.
    “Cora?” he asked, confused and a bit distracted.
    “Who else?”
    “I’m a little busy at the moment.”
    “Noticed. Got
a couple Easter eggs here if you want them.”
    “Seriously?” he asked, surprised, as the missiles
continued to accelerate and his anti-air systems began tracking them.
    “Got two Mk. 3s ready for hot drop if you’ll let me
come down and play.”
    “You see the bastard shooting at me?”
    “Go say hi.”

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