#Review Love, in Spanish (Love, in English #2) by Karina Halle

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#Review Love, in Spanish (Love, in English #2) by Karina HalleLove, in Spanish From the series: Love,
by Karina Halle
on November 11, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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Love, in Spanish is a Love, in English follow-up novel told from Mateo Casalles' POV. While Love, in Spanish touches on some events that happened in LIE (you know the ones!) it is a whole new story set a year later that continues with Vera and Mateo's "happily ever after."

Note: It should be read after Love, in English and it is mostly new material (aka not just rehash of LIE).

"She sat beside me on the bus—and she changed my whole life."

Successful, wealthy and absurdly handsome—Spanish ex-football player Mateo Casalles seemed like he had it all. A high-society wife, an adorable little girl, and flashy apartments in Madrid and Barcelona only sweetened the deal. But there was more to Mateo than met the eye – a life of uncertainty and regret that colored his black and white world.

That was until Vera Miles came into his life like a shooting star. Tattooed, wild and young, Vera seemed like Mateo’s polar opposite at first. But you can’t choose who you fall in love with and the two lost souls did everything they could to be together, all while suffering the grave consequences.

Now with Mateo divorced and living in Madrid with Vera, there is a whole new set of challenges and setbacks facing the couple and rocking the foundation of their star-crossed relationship.

Unfortunately for them, the brighter the star, the faster they burn.


5.Heartbrokenly beautiful stars!

”Through it all we have each other two exiled souls. We pay for our sins with each kiss, we feel our mistakes with each touch.”

At first i thought that Love, in Spanish was more like Love, in English told in Mateo’s pov but it was far, far from it. It was indeed told in Mateo’s pov but is about the heartbreaking journey towards their happily ever after. Their love came with consequences even tho they couldn’t be judged for falling in love. There wasn’t an easy happily ever after for Mateo and Vera, there were struggles and heartbreak they needed to face first. Mateo was still fresh out of his divorce with Isabel and she was still bitter and couldn’t stop her evil hand.

”Bon reminded me that though the ink on the divorce papers is dry the wounds are still fresh for everyone involved.”

So they struggled, Mateo and Vera felt trapped inside consequences that they never thought of until they were right in front of them. Honestly it was more what i cried here than what i swoon about. I was breaking along with them. At some point i thought that they weren’t going to find a way to stay happy without people around judging their every move, looking for things to break them apart and yet when everything was dark and full of sadness their love never stopped. Their love made them stronger and helped find a way out of the dark path that they were suddenly on.

”You’ve made me a better man, a better person. You’ve made me realize that while sometimes love can’t conquer all, it can conquer you. You’ve conquered me, Vera, and i am forever yours.”

It was absolutely beautiful, a sad experience yes but there were still love in all that heartbreak and it was even more beautiful to see it through Mateo’s eyes. I loved it. My heart broke but Karina knew how to put my heart back together. It goes without saying that Karina Halle is AMAZING! this woman can write. She gives it to you raw and real and you can’t just helped but to be overwhelmed.

To read this, Love, in English must be read first. Love, in Spanish and Love, in English are both highly emotional, beautiful and taboo-ish books and i can promise you Mateo and Vera love story will steal your heart. It will forever be a must read!

”Vera, my estrella, i want us together forever. I want us to be happy. I want a lot of things that fools can only dream of.”
”And you think we are fools?”
”I think we are fools if we don’t dream.”


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