Best of 2015

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best of 2015

Best of 2015 in Collector of Book Boyfriends and Girlfriends

What a year we had! 

So much happened in one year. One year ago we were only 3 girls, now our blogger team is bigger, 9 is a good number, right? With a bigger group, we have the chance to support more authors and let all our followers know why we loved their books.

We want to share with you all our 2015 Top 3 of Authors, Books and of course, Book Boyfriends/Book Girlfriends (we are the Collector of Book Boyfriends after all *wink*) But please be assured, it was a no easy task to make these lists because we read TONS of amazing books this year!

Please, let us know your Top 3’s of this year on the comments.

Happy New Year everyone! We wish you all a year full of good health, love, joy and success.


top 3 2015 jenn

Top 3 authors

  1.  Lauren Blakely – Her books
  2. Tara Sue Me – Her books
  3. Emma Chase – Her books

Top 3 books

  1. The Queen – Tiffany Reisz – Review
  2. Pure Abandon – Jeannine Colette – Review
  3. Black Lies – Alessandra Torre – Review

Top 3 book boyfriends:

  1. Nathaniel West – The Exhibitionist by Tara Sue Me – Review
  2. Clay Nichols – Seductive nights series by Lauren Blakely 
  3. Connor Burke – Dirty Past by Emma Hart -P.S I secretly choose all Burke brothers 😉 – Review

I would like to wish all wonderful and talented authors, our followers and my dear blogger friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May it bring you good health, love, joy and success. Thank you for all amazing books and for sharing your gift with us.


top 3 2015 vivian

Top 3 Authors:

  1. Katy Evans- my “drop everything” author – Her books
  2. Kristy Bromberg – Her books
  3. Callie Hart – Her books

Just because I want to type them out:

  1. Christina Lauren
  2. Sawyer Bennett
  3. Lauren Blakely
  4. Emma Chase
  5. SC Stephens

Top 3 Books:

  1. Manwhore by Katy Evans: because of the *swoon-worthy* factor – Review
  2. Wicked Lust by Sawyer Bennett: because of the *lust* factor 
  3. Sustained by Emma Chase: because of the *humor* factor – Review

Again just because I want to type them out:

  1. Sweet Ache by K.Bromberg
  2. Betrayal by Aleatha Romig
  3. Rogue by Callie Hart
  4. Manwhore series by Katy Evans
  5. His Contract by Rebecca Grace Allen
  6. Beautiful Beloved by Christina Lauren
  7. Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

Top 3 BBF’s:

  1. Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint (from MANWHORE series by Katy Evans) – Review
  2. Max Stella (from BEAUTIFUL BASTARD series (Beautiful Stranger & Beautiful Beloved) by Christina Lauren) – Review
  3. Jake Becker (from Sustained by Emma Chase) – Review

And again just because I want to type them out:

  1. Jamie “Rebel” (from Dead Man’s Ink series by Callie Hart) 
  2. Cain Bonham (from Wicked Lust by Sawyer Bennett) 
  3. Hawkin Play (from Sweet Ache by K.Bromberg) 

Thank you to ALL the amazing authors out there that put their love, blood and sweat into their stories and characters! I know that you sacrifice much needed sleep and precious family time in your life to put a voice to the characters in your heads and for that I AM THANKFUL! I cherish the ability to read your words and fall in love with your characters! It has been a wonderful year of laughter and tears over old and new characters of mine and I am SO looking forward to 2016 to do it all over again! Here’s to an amazing 2016! Cheers!


top 3 2015 lucas

TOP 3  Books

  1. Cam Girl – Leah Raeder – Review
  2. The Price of Salt – Patricia Highsmith
  3. Sunstone – Stjepan Šejić

TOP 3 Authors

  1. Leah Raeder – Her books
  2. Melissa Brayden – Her books
  3. Neil Gaiman

TOP 3 Book Girlfriends

  1. Ellis Carraway (Cam Girl) – Review
  2. Ally Carter (Sunstone) 
  3. Nora Sutherlin (The Virgin) – Review

Each of these books have helped me and taught me important life lessons, I’m grateful for each of them.


top 3 2015 sasha

Top 3 Favorite Authors

  1. L.H. Cosway – Her books
  2. Penny Reid – Her books
  3. Mia Sheridan 

Top 3 Favorite Books

  1. Hearts of Fire by L.H. Cosway – Review
  2. Truth Or Beard by Penny Reid – Review
  3. Consolation by Corinne Michales – Review

Top 3 Book Boyfriends

  1. Jack McCabe from Hearts of Fire – Review
  2. Duane Winston from Truth or Beard – Review
  3. Antonio Spinelli from Rule by CD Reiss  – Review

2015 has been full of amazing-earth shattering beautiful reads and even tho right now is a top 3 post (i know unfair) i am thankful from the bottom of my heart of 2015! i loved it. i loved the authors i met, every review i wrote, i wrote it with my heart and some tears and i loved every minute of it. And of course Happy New Year to all my favorite authors and the rest of the bloggers team of this amazing blog, ha! i hope 2016 is filled with lots of love, food and books. THANKS EVERYONE!


top 3 2015 clau

Top 3 Authors:

  1. Jodi Ellen Malpas – Her books
  2. Whitney Gracia Williams – Her books
  3. Kristy Bromberg – Her books

Top 3 Books:

  1. Misconduct by Penelope Douglas – Review
  2. Manwhore by Katy Evans – Review
  3. Alasdair by Ella Frank – Review

Top 3 BBF’s:

  1. Miller Hart from One night series from Jodi Ellen Malpas – Review
  2. Bastian Trumper from Neandertal trilogy by Mary Ferre 
  3. Declan Blay from Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills – Review

2015 has been a great year book, I’ve met amazing book mates and I had the chance to meet (online) some of my fav authors and to know about new ones. So I’m very grateful of being in this amazing blog, grateful of the amazing authors who take time to write their amazing stories and put on them all the love, magic and soul. Thanks Angy for giving me this chance and looking forward 2016 to read more and more books, Happy New Year to all of you!!!


top 3 2015 ralou

Top 3 Books

  1. Always Kiss Me Goodnight by Megan Gaudino – Review
  2. The Espionage Effect by Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion – Review
  3. Resolution by J. S. Cooper – Review

Top 3 Authors

  1. J. S. Cooper – Her books
  2. Shay Savage
  3. Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion – Their books

Top 3 BBFs

  1. Leo Knight (Always Kiss Me Goodnight by Megan Gaudino) – Review
  2. Lang Anderson (Persuasion by Violetta Rand) – Review
  3. Giles Galdwell (Enamor by Veronica Larsen) – Review

2015 was an incredible year for me because so so much happened. I couldn’t imagine a better one! I hope 2016 to be full of pleasant surprises and successes for all and everyone to be healthy. I’m wishing you all a Merry Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year!!!


top 3 2015 caro

Top 3 Books  

  1. Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy 

… it was one of the best friends-to-lovers-books I’ve ever read, the fact that it was M/M was just a bonus for me. I was amazed by how easily two authors could fuse their writing and make for such a beautiful book!

  1. The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen – Review

… What a beautiful mess!!! That book made me see, that you have to look outside of your ‘normal’ sometimes to live and love full throttle. And OMG, did that book make me fan myself… LOL

  1. Find You In The Dark by A. Meredith Walters – Review

… If I ever read about a ‘damaged’ hero, it certainly was Clay. Oh my, that book tugged on my heartstrings.

Top 3 authors

  1. Jane Harvey-Berrick – Her books

… Thank you, for writing so amazing books and being so awesome. You’re always approachable to your readers and then some. Thank you for an amazing year with you and I’m looking forward to what’s to come next!

  1. Tiffany Reisz – Her books

… Thank you, for writing one of my favorite series ever. The ‘Original Sinners’ changed my life for the better and I’ll forever be grateful for it. Next year will be a completely new experience with you – and I’m really excited for it!

  1. Colleen Hoover – Her books

… Thank you for two of my favorite books this year. You’re my queen of angst! I’m looking forward to next year and the heartache you’ll put me through then  LOL

Top 3 BBF’s

  1. Soren, aka Father Marcus Stearns from “The Saint” by Tiffany Reisz – Review
  2. Sebastian Hunter from “Semper Fi” by Jane Harvey-Berrick – Review
  3. Clayton Reed from “Find you in the dark” by A. Meredith Walters – Review

A little word… I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ for all authors, who have made this a spectacular book-year for me. I’ve read many books, that didn’t only entertain me, but changed my life for the better. Thank you, for giving me a part of your souls and even thank you for the heartbreak that this can bring sometimes! I can’t name all authors and books I fell in love with this year, but there were quite a few and some books will stay with me forever, I’m sure of it. Granted, there were authors that surprised me indefinitely and others that disappointed me. But I will keep 2015 in mind as a year, that brought many new books into my life, to cherish for all time. And now, I’m very excited to see, what y’all have planned for us next year 🙂


top 3 2015 angy

Top 3 Authors

  1. Emma Chase – Her books
  2. Lauren Blakely – Her books
  3. Helena Hunting – Her books

Top 3 Books

  1. The Queen by Tiffany Reisz – Review
  2. Appealed by Emma Chase – Review
  3. Sinful Desire by Lauren Blakely – Review

Top 3 BBF

  1. Kingsley Edge from The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz – Review
  2. Brent Mason from Appealed by Emma Chase – Review
  3. Miller Buck Butterson from Pucked Up by Helena Hunting – Review

Thank God for 2015. It was an amazing year full of great friends and books. I was blessed with the blogger community, especially my blogger partners, because they make this blogging obsession more fun. I was blessed with all the reading community, it’s a pleasure to share all my crazy thoughts about books with you all. I was blessed with amazing authors, who are not only very talented but also wonderful people. I was blessed with great publicists and PR that make the magic of publishing possible. And of course, I was blessed with lots and lots of flawless books, with the best stories, book boyfriends and book girlfriends. I couldn’t ask for more. I wish you all the best 2016 ever, full of love, success and tons of books.

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