Vivian’s Review: Sin & Suffer by Pepper Winters

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Vivian’s Review: Sin & Suffer by Pepper WintersSin & Suffer by Pepper Winters
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Published by Forever on January 26th 2016
Genres: Dark, Erotica, Romance
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"Some say the past is in the past. That vengeance will hurt both innocent and guilty. I never believed those lies. Once my lust for revenge is sated, I'll say goodbye to hatred. I'll find a new beginning."


She came from a past Arthur "Kill" Killian never forgot. She made him sin and made him suffer. She tugged him from the shadows and showed him he wasn't as dead as he thought. And with her resurrection came betrayal, deceit, and war.

But then they took her. Stole her. Imprisoned her.

Now Kill's carefully laid plans for vengeance are complete. He craves action, retribution-the blood of his enemies. War has begun. War is all they'll know until they've paid their penance. He will get her back-and rewrite their destiny . . .

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.


I’m going to make this review as short and sweet as I can get bc I don’t want to give any spoilers and I really think that it doesn’t need many words to describe how much I am falling in love with Pepper Winters mind and writing style! SIN AND SUFFER (Pure Corruption MC #2) starts off right where RUIN AND RULE (Pure Corruption MC #1) left off and if you read RUIN AND RULE, then you MOST DEFINITELY will want to pick up this book up and read it bc we were left with a major cliffy!! All your questions will finally be answered!

There is so much more than just revenge going on in this series. There is also redemption; retribution, anarchy; betrayal, politics, forgiveness, truth and most importantly LOVE. “All of this: Art’s thirst for revenge and his obsession with retribution was all for me—for what they’d broken the night I disappeared.” –Cleo. “I wanted retribution. I wanted to live in a world where evil and corruption didn’t win over love and togetherness.” –Killian.  Cleo and Killian’s (aka Arthur) story is not like anyone else’s. Their love is eternal and has survived through the test of time…if I believed in reincarnation, these two characters would indeed find each other over and over again throughout time and space *awe*. “You are me. And I am you. We might have separate thoughts and minds, Buttercup, but we have the same heart and soul.” –Killian.  

This is the first series that I have read from Pepper Winters and in that short time I have learned that she is a mastermind at spinning a complex story and even more developing complex characters. To read about the “evolution” of these two characters was amazing. The progression from memory deprived to knowledge was beautiful with Cleo (aka Sarah) and then the sequence of events that lead to creating the man that Killian turned out to be was staggering and it was heart soaring to read about his character finally finding peace in the end. Both characters grew so much in the series and became whole with the help of the other.

The plot development was built to perfection and finally came to completion in SIN AND SUFFER and was done so perfectly! I was glued to the pages throughout the whole book. Everything about the PURE CORRUPTION MC series will satisfy your literary cravings and then some!

Some of my favorite quotes:

“You’re my home, Cleo Price. And through life or death, I’m never letting you go.” –Killian. *swoon*

Cleo: “Eight three one…”

Arthur: “Eight, three one, huh?” He bowed his head, inhaling me. “Let me see if I can guess. Eight…letters…am I right?” “Three words?” “One meaning. I know what it is.”

Cleo: “Smarty pants.” I pouted. “So…what is it?”

Arthur: Arthur kissed me. “It means, I love you. Eight letters, three words, one meaning.”

5 stars




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