Vivian’s Review: Take Me by Sophie Holloway

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Vivian’s Review: Take Me by Sophie HollowayTake Me by Sophie Holloway
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Published by Self Published on March 7th 2016
Genres: Romance
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I want more of her. All of her. 

I want to drive her wild every single night until she's learned all the sinfully wicked things I need to teach her.

But someone is trying to tear us apart. Someone’s gunning for my company too. What they don’t know is that I’m the kind of man who protects what's his.

My family, my business, and this woman.

I will do whatever it takes.

Just try me.

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And the lessons continue…

What happens when the teacher begins to feel like the student? Jack and Eva are back at it in TAKE ME and let me tell you, does it ever get steamier! Their chemistry and hunger for each other continued and as their lessons grew in intensity, so did their feelings for each other. What started out as strictly “educational” has gradually developed into something more, which is leaving both Jack and Eva in uncharted territory. Eva is attempting to keep this aloof, “I don’t care” attitude because she knows Jack is not a relationships type of guy, but she is beginning to realize she can’t deny her growing feelings. Whereas Jack is getting more and more confused about all these new feelings he’s experiencing with Eva. He’s mostly confused because he’s not alarmed by those feelings like he was with other woman…maybe him and Eva could be more than just teacher and student. In the mix of all these lessons, there’s another emotion in the background…FEAR…there is someone continuing to threaten Eva and they have no idea who it is or why. What started out as a “feeling” of being followed in TEACH ME, has now become more menacing in nature and is leaving Eva scared for her life. This ominous threat is leaving Eva and Jack with more questions than answers…was her brother and father’s deaths really accidents or not? And if they weren’t accidents after all, are those same people out to get Eva now???

Sophie Holloway has put another layer onto Jack and Eva’s story and is building onto the foundation left from book one, TEACH ME. She has added more passion to the plot and at the same time more mystery, which leaves the reader turning the page without wanting to stop until the end. This was a fast-paced, quick read that leaves you breathless at times. Just when things are starting to really heat up between Eva and Jack, we’re left YET AGAIN with a cliffy! Thankfully the third (and final book), TRUST ME comes out soon! We will finally have answers to who is after Eva and why. And we’ll also learn how things will turn out for Jack and Eva. Will she complete her lessons and move on or will Jack continue to teach her new lessons in how to seduce only him? I can’t wait to see how Jack and Eva’s story ends!

5 stars


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