Angy’s Review: Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid

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Angy’s Review: Dr. Strange Beard by Penny ReidBook: Dr. Strange Beard (Series: Winston Brothers #5) by Penny Reid
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Publisher: Self published on July 30th 2018
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Genres: Romance, Romantic Comedy
Format: eARC - Source: Social Butterfly PR, The Author
Rating: five-stars

Hunches, horse races, and heartbreak

Ten years after Simone Payton broke his heart, all Roscoe Winston wants is a doughnut. He’d also like to forget her entirely, but that’s never going to happen. Roscoe remembers everything—every look, every word, every single unrequited second—and the last thing he needs is another memory of Simone.

Unfortunately, after one chance encounter, Simone keeps popping up everywhere he happens to be . . .

Ten years after Roscoe Winston dropped out of her life, all Simone Payton wants is to exploit him. She’d also like some answers from her former best friend about why he ghosted her, but if she never gets those answers, that’s a-okay. Simone let go of the past a long time ago. Seriously, she has. She totally, totally has. She is definitely not still thinking about Roscoe. Nope. She’s more than happy to forget he exists.

But first, she needs just one teeny-tiny favor . . .

Dr. Strange Beard is a full-length romantic comedy novel, can be read as a stand-alone, and is the fifth book in the USA TODAY bestselling Winston Brothers series.

FTC Disclosure: We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

Book Review: 5 Stars


Another awesome book from Penny Reid! I love that in her novels I can always find unique stories and characters, with unpredictable outcomes and layers and layers of awesome people. And Dr. Strange Beard definitely fulfilled all my expectations and even more, putting Penny in another level of awesomeness. 

This book features the second chance of Roscoe and Simone, plus another awesome drama for the Winston family, but I won’t talk about it, because you all need to read it on your own. Anyway… Back to Roscoe and Simone. They were best friends until they were 16. They were inseparable. She was his Sherlock and he was her Watson. Until one day, after a fail declaration of love, he never talked to her, ever again. She tried to contact him again, she went to his house, she followed him at school, but he refused to say a word to her, not even look in her eyes. It was like she didn’t exist anymore for him. And that is what he intended to do. He wanted to forget all about Simone, and how much he loved her, but his feelings and heartache were as persistent as they were 10 years ago. Now she is back in town and on a mission and she will need to reconnect to Roscoe in order to complete her job. But that is the last thing Roscoe wants.

This book had me crying and laughing and swooning and everything in between! I felt frustration and desperation!! It gave me all the feels! Don’t worry, not in an angsty kinda way! I gotta admit, it was hard for me not to roll my eyes at Simone. I was team Roscoe all the time and I felt very protective of him. But, the second half of the book, I included Simone in the team, because she’s amazing and badass and perfect, especially perfect for Roscoe, and everything was fine in the world. But, if Penny would have written this book only from Simone’s POV, I would have died of frustration with both of them, but knowing what Roscoe was feeling and thinking and REMEMBERING made me love this book 200% more.

Things I loved about Dr. Beard Strange

  • Roscoe and Simone’s relationship in their young years. Heartwarming!
  • Simone’s intuition and Roscoe’s memory. Brillian!
  • The quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Perfect for the story!

“If you erase all of your bad memories, you erase all of your wisdom.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

  • Simone’s internal dialogue and sense of humor. Refreshing and hilarious!
  • The first time they made love. Amazing, romantic, sexy!
  • Roscoe’s conversation with Billy and their relationship in general. Family, love, and support!
  • The birthday party at the end of the book. #ClownsAlert

I could continue this lost forever and ever and it would go on and on and on. This book is amazing, with the best cameos from all the members of the Winston family. I need to repeat the ones I already read and dive into the awesome minds of Jethro, Cletus Maximus, and Jennifer!!

100% recommended!



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