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Authors: Amanda Lynn
Realizing we once again forgot the condom yesterday in class, I ask. "Condom? We forgot again. I need to get one?"
    "I'm on the pill, just do it," she moans as I push into her to the hilt. She feels amazing.
    "FUCK BABY! This is too good. You like me fucking this hot pussy?" I groan. Going bare inside her feels like nothing I ever felt before. I thrust in and out and she moans into the pillow below her. She reaches between her legs and starts to rub her clit. I feel her muscles tightening around my shaft and she moans out. I follow her over moments later and spill my seed into her body.
    I pull out and go to get a wet wash cloth from the bathroom and wipe between her legs. I toss the rag toward the bathroom door and climb back into bed. I pull her into my arms and we both drift into a deep sleep of peace.
    The next morning starts as the last time I spent the night with Paige. Addy comes in to wake us up, except this time Paige gets up with us. We spend the morning making breakfast together. Addy wants pancakes again so I make those and also fry up some bacon and eggs.
    I’m sitting at the table reading the paper and Paige is cleaning Addy up when someone knocks at her door. I look over at Paige. "Want me to get it?"
    "That would be great. It's probably Sarah." She smiles and continues to wipe syrup off Addy.
    I open the door to an older guy standing there in slacks and a button-down shirt. I think, what's he selling on a Sunday morning? "Yeah, can I help you?"
"Who the fuck are you?" He seems pissed seeing me but I didn't know who the fuck he was.
    "What's it to ya?" I stand there holding the door only a quarter of the way open.
    "Paige here? I need to see her." He tries to look behind me through the door.
    Who's this fucker looking for Paige? "Yeah, whatcha need her for?"
    "None of your fucking business. Go get her or I'm coming in." He steps closer toward me.
    I yell behind me. "Babe, come to the door." The fucker looks furious. Who is this guy?
    Paige comes up from behind me and stops in her tracks. "What are you doing here, Bobby?"
    "I came to see you and you didn't answer my messages last night. Who's this fucker?" this Bobby guy asks Paige and looks over at me. This fucker keeps texting her and came to see her?
    "Go home, Bobby. I don't want to see you. Unless you came to see Addy, you have no business here." Paige walks over beside me. "And he's none of your business either." When she says those words, I realize that this is Addy’s dad. The fucker who didn't want her but wants Paige. Fuck that.
    "You have my daughter and you are both mine. You fucking this guy?" Bobby raises his voice.
    "Hey, buddy, she said you need to leave. Don't make this ugly." I step forward, making him back completely out the door. Paige wraps her arms around my waist from behind me.
    "Fuck that. They are mine and always will be. She has my kid. I'm not going anywhere, I'll be back." He turns to go and turns back around. "Do you want me to fight for Addy?" he threatens. "Because I can."
    Paige stiffens behind me. "You leave her alone. You didn't want her and she doesn't know you. You’re only trying to hurt me." I rub her hand that is still attached to my waist. I'm trying my hardest to stay calm. I don't like this fucker upsetting Paige.
    "Well, I will fight for her if it means I get you too. Get rid of this douche. I miss you and you know you miss me." He turns again and walks away to his fancy little Mercedes.
    I close the door and wrap my arms around her as she silently cries against my chest. "Shhhh, it's going to be okay."
    "You don't understand, Bobby's a lawyer; I can't fight him." I walk her over to the sofa and she sits down, crawls into my lap and ducks her head under my chin. Addy is occupied with cartoons on the TV. She never realizes that Paige is upset or that her dad was even at the door.
    "So that's Addy's father? Can I ask how you met up with him? He seems to be a lot older than you." I slowly stroke up and down her

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