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Authors: Amanda Lynn
    "Bobby was Daddy's best friend. I lost Daddy two years ago and Bobby was there to help with everything. He began spending a lot of time with me and one thing led to another. I was stupid and had never been with anyone before and he was too nice to me. I needed someone to lean on through Daddy’s sickness and when he died, Bobby was there. That is until I found out I was pregnant. He has two kids away at college and didn't want to have another kid. He didn't want the baby, he just wanted in my pants. I put a stop to it and he wasn't around much after I had Addy, so I decided to move here and start over." She looks up at me. "I'm sorry, I understand if this is too much and you don't want to see us anymore."
    I brace her face between my hands and I gently kiss her lips. "I'm not going anywhere. I think I'm falling for you. If he comes by again or continues to text or call you, we need to consider a restraining order. I understand that Addy's his but if he's harassing you that's wrong. I'm not letting him hurt you or Addy. You have to tell me if he continues this."
    "Okay. I will." She kisses me again and runs her fingers through my hair and I feel my cock jerk awake. She giggles and looks down.
    I spend a couple more hours with the girls then leave to head home because I need to look into this guy. If he's a lawyer then he should know that if he continues this it would be considered harassment. I'll find something to nail his ass with.

Chapter 11
    I can't believe that Bobby has shown up at my door threatening me. Gavin took him better than I expected. Bobby has texted several times throughout the week and I've kept the texts but haven't told Gavin. I don't want him getting into trouble because of me. Gavin don't seem like a jealous guy so I try to keep Bobby talk to a minimum. There is also a guy in class starting to talk to me and Natalie. I try to avoid him as much as possible but I don't want to be rude either. His name is Doug and he's cute enough. The typical nineteen year old who thinks he can conquer any female. He has a great body and most of the girls in class thrive for his attention but lately he's had his sights on me. I know that Gavin's noticed but just hasn't mentioned it. He gives Doug looks and has had to repeatedly tell him to be quiet in class.
    "Hey, Paige," a guy from behind me calls out. It’s Doug, and he’s walking fast to catch up to us.
    "Hi, Doug," I say as we walk into the cafe. Natalie rolls her eyes and heads over to the fries that she consumes daily.
    "Yeah, can I have lunch with you today?" he asks as if worried I'd say no.
    "Uh ... sure." I'm one not to be unfriendly. Though I have no interest in lunch with Doug.
    I have just finished my lunch and I'm throwing my stuff in the trash when I turn and run smack into Doug. He is like a brick. All my stuff falls to the ground. My bag falls open and pens and papers and books go everywhere. He helps me gather everything and quickly apologizes and scurries away. I think it’s odd ’cause usually he has some witty comeback. I pull my bag over my shoulder and head out toward my next class.
    That afternoon I realize that I must have left my purse on the cafe floor after I dropped everything. So first thing Wednesday morning I go by the cafe and ask if it has been turned in. They don't have anything left so I make a report with the admission desk that if one is turned in to notify me. A couple hours later I get a call from the administration that a purse was handed in. I go and pick it up. Most things are there but I am missing my lip gloss, my birth control pills, and my wallet has several pictures no longer in it. Everything else seems to be there as far as I could tell.
    After my classes on Wednesday I am going by the store before heading home. I have just gotten to my car and I hear Doug.
    "Hey, Paige, wait up." I turn and he is jogging up to me.
    "Uh ... hey, Doug. What's up?" I ask, wondering how he spotted me or knew my

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