Being with Her

Being with Her by Amanda Lynn

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Authors: Amanda Lynn
understand ... Are you moving?" She looks nervous.
    "No, baby. I was already wanting to get on there anyway. So if it is offered to me, I'm taking it so we can start a real relationship and not have to be a secret. It won't be until spring semester, so until then we have to be discreet."
    She smiles and reaches up to grab my shirt to lower myself to her kiss. "Then I also want to you to take it because I want a relationship with you, too. So you want both of us?" She sounds surprised and I wonder if it has something to do with her ex not wanting them.
    "Of course, Paige, she comes along with you and I'm absolutely fine with that. She's kind of grown on me." I smile, kissing her forehead.
    "Addy's dad decided he didn't want the responsibility of a baby. He still texts me occasionally but it isn't Addy he's interested in. He was a mistake that I would regret except he gave me Addy. She's my world. We haven't seen him in months; even after Addy was born he rarely came around to see her." Her voice is sad.
    "I'm sorry Addy hasn't had a dad she deserves and if it's okay I want to be around to help you and spend time with her. His loss is my gain, I guess." I kiss her forehead again, ’cause I love my lips on her.
    She has tears in her eyes. "Of course we want you around; you saw her, she wanted you as soon as you came in."
    I lift Paige from under her arms and pull her onto my lap so she is straddling me. I grab her on each side of her face and press my lips to hers and just let the natural course of a kiss go. "Can I stay here with you tonight?" I moan into her mouth.
    "Yes, please." She leans back and pulls her purple shirt that she's wearing over her head. I unbutton her jeans and lower her zipper and she gets off my lap and pushes her pants down, stepping out of them to crawl back onto my lap. My cock is as hard as stone seeing her straddling me in her tiny purple lace panties and matching lace bra.
    "Damn baby, I can feel how hot your pussy is." I rub against her nub through the lace and I can feel how wet she already is. I pull her bra cup down and I lower my mouth to suck on her hardened nipple. As soon as she moans I lift us both off the sofa to walk us back to her room. I lay her down on her bed and rush to remove my clothes as fast as possible. I lower her pretty panties down her legs and groan when I see her smooth mound and can smell her arousal. I unclasp her bra and pull it off as well. I pull her to the edge of the bed and lower myself to my knees and start kissing her inner thigh. Just as soon as I lick up between her hot folds of her pussy, her phone beeps twice for a text message. I rise up and look at her.
    She moans. "No, don't stop ... AH AH AH ... it's not important. This is." She pushes my head back down between her legs.
    I chuckle and start up my attack on her pussy again. She tastes just as good as last time. Actually, I can eat her pussy daily and not get enough of it. She moans and starts to shake as I rub her clit hard and fuck her with my tongue as she screams out my name. With her juices on my tongue, I pull myself up her quivering body and push my tongue into her mouth and she gladly accepts sucking on my tongue. She is so fucking hot sucking herself off me.
    "I want to taste you, Gavin," she whispers. She pushes me over onto my back and climbs between my legs and grabs my shaft. She starts to stroke up and down. "I'm not too experienced with this, show me how to make you feel good." She lowers her head and licks the drop of dew on the head of my cock. I moan.
    I can barely talk as she massages my balls and completely sucks me into her mouth until I hit the back of her throat. She starts to pull me in and out of her mouth and it feels fucking amazing. I thread my fingers in her hair. "Keep doing that baby ... Uh Uh ... yeah suck my cock hard, baby." It's not long and I feel myself about to build so I pull her off my cock and push her to her hands and knees. I'm rubbing my cock against her heat.

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